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Sep-12-2018 Categories: news

We all apperceive it's what anybody wants. But, in the BETA, the above archetypal Nainggolan esque Amateur was not the abandoned applicable midfielder.

Passing is absolute chiral in FIFA 19, and players like Verratti who could deliver abysmal and ascendancy the bounce of my amateur were absolute important.

Additionally, there were absolute few situations area a amateur I abundance got in abaft the arresting band and I struggled with clip defensively.

It charcoal to be credible what the final gameplay appears to be. And alive EA, a application is coming.

But if the gameplay is the above as the BETA, in my opinion, it makes these cards still usable. Maybe not Vidal, who is now a boner with no speed, but cards like Verratti will in actuality achieve well.

People consistently say this but EA has never afflicted annihilation except for the AI in the aboriginal patch.

People usually say "Defending is so nice and in actuality takes accomplishment because the AI isn't that able anymore" afresh EA will application it aback because of all the bad players accusatory they can't defend.

When it comes to added accepting like passing, finishing etc they never get patched.

Patching the AI changes how something like clip affairs though. If I can't assurance my AI defenders to appropriately clue runs afresh I allegation anyone who has a bigger adventitious of communicable up to an antagonist breaking through my arresting line. A CB who can apprehend the bold and not get bent out in complete activity is abortive in FIFA if the AI doesn't clue runs properly.

Early in 18 I acquainted like advancing AI was far bigger than arresting AI and they just acquainted arresting AI up hardly too much. I don't wish the AI to do as abundant for me as they do now but I aswell don't wish to feel like I accept to clue every run and avert the amateur with the brawl at the above time.

If annihilation authoritative AI arresting stronger makes clip even added useless, so "first patch" is not an affair at all. If the AI aegis is stronger, afresh your adversary will almost accept abundant amplitude to achieve able runs and corruption the pace.

Also you shouldn't be able to assurance your AI defenders to appropriately clue runs, you should do those things yourself.

People are too acclimated to AI arresting accepting torn and don't apperceive how to even play afterwards it, you should accept to ascendancy several players and FIFA 19 Coins analysis their accession about if defending, not just run about the brawl with 1 amateur while the blow of the AI positions itself perfectly.

That's why beforehand in the year anybody was accusatory that there were 10 goals per game, because humans did not apperceive how to ascendancy several defenders at a time and the AI was abrogation spaces opened for everyone.