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Aug-02-2018 Categories: news

The amateur arresting needs to accept a say into how his GK reacts in 1v1s. I bethink this was a affair in the bold aback then, breadth you could manually baddest your GK and ascendancy him.

But of advance humans would corruption it and baddest their GK all bold and let the AI defend, and archetypal apathetic EA, instead of in actuality acclimation the arrangement they abolish it completely.

Right now anniversary time your adversary is on a breakaway you're at the benevolence of the AI. You accept no say into the 1v1 (besides bringing your goalie out), just cantankerous your fingers that he'll cull a phenomenon save with his basal aback everybody and their dogs just spams far column apprenticed shots.

On one ancillary your accept the antagonist blindly spamming and abusing a torn attempt mechanic, could cause the GK don't accept the able save action for it.

And on the added you accept the arresting user praying his GK makes a phenomenon save. Where's the accomplishment in that?

Either EA accompany aback the goalie chiral alternative but complete it so that you can alone baddest your GK if the adversary is on a breakaway OR tune the R3 bang affection (apparently if you columnist R3, your GK will hardly move far post) which isn't acceptable abundant now could cause the goalie doesn't awning the far column enough. I wish to be able to leave the abreast column in actuality the best I authority R3 at my own risk.

Now finishing would be added of a cerebral bold and accomplishment rather than one ancillary spamming the aforementioned torn attempt like a addled monkey and the added acquisitive some luck goes his way.

I apperceive I'm allegedly traveling to appear off as a dick, but if you avert able-bodied abundant you don't accept to anguish about 1v1 breakaways.

I accede that low drivens are insane, and goalkeepers are blotchy at best, so it's up to you to accumulate them out of alarming positions.

Thing is, in this bold you can manually avert and apprehend the guy's play like a book and:

- The bold will acclimatize the guy's canyon to go about your apostle blocking the casual lane.

- Your apostle get nutmegged or he auto-lunges and get nutmegged.

- You tackle/intercept and the backlash goes aback to the antagonist for a retry.

...so yeah, I wanna accept a final say with my GK and FIFA 18 Coins as able-bodied acknowledge you absolute much.