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If you are traveling to sub you accept some abundant options in guys like TOTS Vormer, TOTS Pjanic, TOTS Kimmich, TOTS Telles, TOTS Talisca PTG/FIF Milinkovic-Savic. I use all of these players in my array of squads at CM/CAM or generally as a CM sub backward bold in case of Telles/Kimmich and all of them are great.

Who would you acclaim the most? Actually my Midfield in a 41212-(2) is: Kante CDM, Pogba RCM, I've been application Ander Herrera at LCM and for some acumen i feel that there is something absolutely OP about him; David Silva TOTS CAM.

But today i switched NIF Herrera with IF Goretzka and Feels amazing (I accept his TOTS in addition acc and the if feels about similar)

I'm amid TOTS Vormer, TOTS Pjanic, TOTS Talisca or FIF SMS as you said. Aback it will not be a CAM I'd put Talisca endure of those, actual acceptable agenda for me but I adopt him at CAM over CM. Of the added 3 I apparently like Pjanic the a lot of and afresh SMS over Vormer just because of how abundant taller he is than Vormer. That added acme and backbone helps and Pjanic/SMS both are 4/4* while Vormer is just 2* Skills which isn't a analgesic imo but if comparing cards this acceptable it does add a bit of a negative.

SMS just has H/M plan ante but still does acceptable abundant on aegis for me but I do accept TOTS Allan as my out and out CDM blazon in my Serie A aggregation which helps awning SMS and Pjanic a bit.

Pjanic is my admired because he feels like he can do aggregate actual acceptable to great. Not a ton of ambition scoring with him but I don't absolutely apperception it aback he's acutely consistently in a acceptable position and his set section adeptness is abundant as well.

And Why is it sometimes the case that if I columnist the sliding accouterment button, instead of sliding, my apostle just stretches?

What is this shit? I accept a "conservative tackle"button already. If I columnist square, I wish to slide, not to do a spready. So, so abounding goals conceded due to this shit, it's unbearable.

Or if you columnist accouterment and he doesn't do bits but afresh auto lunges sometimes...

They charge to accomplish it, if i columnist a button the amateur needs to do it that aforementioned second, if i columnist annihilation the amateur shouldn't do anything, Sure he needs to ambush the brawl if a canyon is traveling just next to him, but accomplishing some blazon of breach and not accepting the brawl is just dumb. This will aswell access the skillgap.

Same goes with casual and shooting. If i columnist the button accomplish it so he does that. I accept had the trainer on on some acute lvl so it appearance area I aim and on what amateur the canyon will lock. ( aforementioned affair as it shows on replays afterwards the bout ) and FIFA 19 Coins let me acquaint you, the bulk of times i columnist canyon and see the band go best and it just decides not to canyon you would be shocked. That was the capital acumen why i even angry it on, because too abounding times the canyon went to somebody abroad or it just didn't pass.