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FIFA - Be fairly fast on mature Fifa globe cup cards

I'm already anticipating to this end of an era cards next season. Might have a little more pace; probably 70.

While we all know Mertesacker as the slowly one, he was fairly fast on mature Fifa globe cup credit cards. He isn't even the slowest gamer at Arsenal!

I study an article a while ago revealing EPL players max rate and other statistics, and they were saying how Mertesacker is actually a simple sprinter, he just does not have speeding.

Another one mentioned was Smalling (even though he's definitely not slowly in FIFA), who obviously is the quickest ManU gamer. It's all to do with playstyle sometimes.

Look at Bergkamp, everybody believed him more slowly than Gretchen, Ljungberg, Pores etc but he just had a different playstyle. In straight dash competitions he shifted fast as screw.

He had 75 rate on FIFA 10, 61 on FIFA 11 and 39 on FIFA 12. Mertesacker was still one of the slowest players on the activity in FIFA 10-11 it's just that generally everyone was quicker back again then.

They created the gap between the quickest and slowest players much larger in FIFA 12. Look at any slowly CB and that's what you'll see e.g. Garay.

I would actually usw that cards in WL, will never reduce a headlines, plus that 99 protecting and amazing physical.

Knowing ea, insigne will win a headlines against him in the Ninetieth moment to go 2-1 up from most.

Won a headlines in a longer period with insigne and he was noticeable by koulibally lol experienced sorry for the guy.

To those who may not know Per Mertesacker has said he will stop FIFA 17 Coins working at the end of the 2017-18 season to take charge of the golf club's academia.