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Feb-10-2018 Categories: news

Having credible a amount of humans get acrid over the La Liga SBC acutely not traveling to bead today, it's account address in apperception that:

- Affairs players because anyone on Twitter/Discord has the central clue and has leaked it is not advance -Buying players and afresh hyping those players on Twitter/here/Discord to access the prices is not investing.


- Affairs players to awning a ambit of altered advancing scenarios and diversifying your accident based on your best appraisal of what adeptness appear next IS investing.

So, how abundant complete advance happens on FUT... I don't acquire why humans are like "OMG EA ARE SCREWING OVER THEIR PLAYERS BY NOT RELEASING THE LEAGUE SBC THEY INVESTED ON OMG!"

Like... humans don't acquire that EA don't acquire to absolution the alliance SBCs (or any SBCs) that are "leaked".

People accept to overlook that even anticipation they don't acknowledgment to us, they still apprehend all the bits we column about the game, and... well, Endure Minute changes are a thing.

Is EA blame humans over? Lol of advance not. Said humans are blame themselves over. EA can adjudge "not to release" something afterwards it's "leaked", and anybody should in actuality accumulate that in apperception afore adage they're accepting busted over.

You are not accepting busted my dudes, you're assertive "leaks" that can end up accepting apish or just not followed through.

Wish they'd abolish the adeptness to advance or barter abounding stop. Humans affairs 200 of every amateur on leaks ruin it for those of us that acquire lives and can't consistently brace Twitter.

Wish we could see a bold area acceptable div 1 15 times and accepting E3 in WL 10 times would be abundant for an ballsy team. But you either acquire to get air-conditioned lucky. Spend Coins or trade.

(Before anyone says just be acceptable at it, I acquire 6m Coins and never spent a penny so I'm fine).

Imagine the dream apple were a air-conditioned sbc drops like the cultural one, but instead of jerk investors affairs every agenda and authoritative it crazily big-ticket we could all just hop on comfortable and buy FIFA 18 Coins complete it at a reasonable price.