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Mar-21-2017 Categories: news

If you were paying 3x the minimum accolade to do those SBCs you were accomplishing them wrong.

ITT: Idiots who acquire no abstraction what they're accomplishing whining because EA didn't accord them a 100k accolade for every pot of gold SBC.

Would you not ambition 100k FIFA Coins every time if you had the choice?Of couse, but OP is acting as admitting he DESERVES to accomplish a accumulation on the pot of gold SBCs, it is all luck and some humans did accumulation from commutual them.

Plus, as has already been said, it seems OP was absurdity to complete them.

I did the 100k pot already and got 100k. I arranged a blooming in the rewards packs so i basically spent 20k and got 80k profit. I was happy.

I arranged 3 blooming cards and awash them instead of aggravating to do a pot of luck challenge. Netted a solid 60k from that. Awash off my bank irish guys too for added coin.

Same actuality I arranged 3 and awash them aswell awash a agglomeration of Irish players i had, fabricated about 75k, which is apparently added that traveling the pot of gold.

Made apparently 150k just affairs all my Irish(also arranged Chiellini in the 82+, so awash the one I was using). Didn't do a alone St. Pat's SBC. Aswell completed the J1 SBC for pennies and arranged blooming cards 3 times for quick coin.

Those blooming cards adjourned the complete Eridivisie SBC for me. came out with a candied 50k accumulation and a agglomeration of added items, players, consumables, etc.

Did you accomplish said banknote by affairs those players or accomplishing the SBC's?I did the kit and chargeless SBC (a mix of GSB) and awash the NUMEROUS others I had. I had a few bronzes go for 2k+ for some reason.

I didn't carefully banal up on Irish players, but accepting played FUT a few years I consistently backing the ones I do get until St. Patrick's Day. I had abundant to do 2 Blooming Aggregation SBC's and about-face them in for the everyman pot of Cheapest FIFA 17 Coins. I alone got 20k so I would acquire been bigger off just affairs the 2 teams annual of Irish players.