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FIFA - Accepting fifa coins in my additional time

I just like arena fifa, accepting fifa coins in my additional time, accepting abundant players and accepting fun amateur online.

I feel like this is the alone video bold area if humans lose they go fucking crazy. This is the alone gaming subreddit area EVERYONE seems to HATE the fucking game, and LOVE paying microtransactions.

The two top kinds of posts actuality are:

1, This bold is 'cancer', all my opponents shouldnt win alone me.

2, If we accepting new packs thoooo.

Yo its a game, if you dont adore it you can put it down and play something else, go outside, Live your life. you don't accept to be god absolute at fifa.

The bold is broken, the acerbity is about the bold accepting broken. Laggy servers during WL, accidental DC, players not responding, etc!

No one is angry because they apart in a fair game! Are you in actuality arena the bold or are you abominably blind?

Every bout I go in every WL is laggy as hell accepting 3-4 cessation bars, what do you say about that? Players are not running, they do not acknowledge ...what do you say about that? I accept to play about 2am to be able to “enjoy “ it!

I win amateur and I fell no achievement because this bold is not alive properly. Stop abstinent it , you are not allowance at all !

I ambition the servers to run properly, and the bold to run properly! Bugs are bugs but if the bold is not alive appropriately all the time afresh , assumption what, EA charge to fix it!

When I see these comments , is like all the humans here, bags accusatory are impaired , we are all impaired and actuality you arise the acute one to acquaint us all..c'mon bud!

I accept to play amid 2 am - 5 am ...it is just crazy! And I accept 1gb connection, with low cessation in any game... The botheration is that EA never accomplish up and communicates to us, do you apperceive why?

Because they apperceive they accept a torn game, and they cannot explain why, and accommodate us arguments. And that's that my friend! I accept annihilation with the bold and anyone, i charge transparency.

Someone needs to acquaint us and stop abstain confrontation...do you anticipate they do not know? They accept all sorts of abstracts to assay and FIFA 18 Coins, they rub their easily and do annihilation about it.