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Jun-12-2018 Categories: news

Any aberration in TOTS Goalkeepers vs NIFs in-game? Is it annual spending the coins in goal? Is there any notable aberration amid NIFs and appropriate versions?

Looking to advancement my 88 Hando to anyone new and the TOTS is appetizing me! It's affectionate of a awe-inspiring cycle.

People buy top rated/icon goalies > win a few amateur so don't apprehension all the saves their new GK pulled off > go into a bold adjoin a guy with a ample aggregation > guy is absolutely acceptable and array a lot > anticipate new goalie is bits > repeat

It is annual it to buy a TOTS goalkeeper IF you apperceive his accustomed agenda is good, my Ter Stegen TOTS is abundant bigger than his NIF. Yes he makes mistakes actuality and there, but even De Gea fabricated mistakes for me. It's goalkeepers in accepted that are broken, and accepting a acceptable one mitigates the furnishings of shitty goalkeeping mechanics in this bold so it's bigger to acquire a acceptable one imo.

My admission to Goalkeepers is consistently to not pay any absorption to what added bodies say - I anticipate there is a lot of bent and accepted nonsense announced about them.

In accurate the abstraction that higher-rated goalkeepers are no bigger is imo rubbish. Endure year Butland was apparent as some affectionate of god but if I acclimated him he was garbage. And I've acclimated Prime Schmeichel for able-bodied over 1000 amateur and acquire no complaints.

My appearance is the TOTS Handanovich will accordingly be appreciably bigger than the NIF - its just not all that simple to acquaint because the AI does all the plan so bodies tend to anticipate its a decay of coins.

I anticipate saves with anxiety affection GK (fahrmann/bego) are nice, but you affectionate of acquire the saves they don't accomplish aback they're low rated and you're acclimated to them. They plan in fact able-bodied adjoin low drivens and 1 on 1's, but can be played about if the adversary in fact takes apprehension of your aggregation as they are about not that solid vs added types of shots and college rated goalkeepers are just bigger all-embracing (gasps).

Goalkeepers are just whatever imo as you can't absolutely ascendancy them but top reflexes and diving are about a acceptable indicator of performance, and acceleration if you like to assault your GK out.

But that accepting said, it's harder to adjudicator GK's aback anybody either thinks 1 adaptation is amazing and the best anytime or the affliction goalkeeper and an complete decay of coins. Harder to judge. Analysis them yourself and see.

FIFA has a way of authoritative some players just complete gods in bold so it's consistently harder to predict, FIFA 18 Coins but I would acquisition it actual aberrant if 88 Hando was somehow worse than a TOTS with acutely bigger stats all around.