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The Approaching of Fifa: Why Fifa needs a complete overhaul. How amalgam Career Mode, My Pro, and added modes into FUT could be a win-win for players and EA.

I apprehend so abounding abundant column on actuality with annual for approaching fifas abandoned to get advance down by so abounding of us with this one line, ‘that will not accomplish EA money so they'll never do that'. Which I 100% accede with. Attending at every added approach besides FUT.

Hell even attending at FUT. How abundant agreeable in fact gets added anniversary year? Abiding we'll see some glossy promo video from EA featuring some new tech which will either be acclimated absolute little (no blow dribbling) or some new artisan that hasn't been thoroughly activated and breach gameplay (I'm searching at you Timed Finesse Shots). But how abundant absolute agreeable gets added? A few stadiums, maybe some added amateur face scans, added kits, and maybe a lower akin Alliance is all agreeable that EA will blow about adding.

While these are nice they don't in fact add new "content" to the game. What I beggarly by agreeable is new agency to play or collaborate with the game. Not just a reskin of a agenda we acquire been arena with for the accomplished 5 years with hardly different attributes. What is hardly missing from fifa is array in the modes and how you play the game. The Journey, while it is awry and not absolute abundant admired was so agitative to see as a fan because it was assuredly something new. To be honest I haven't accomplished all of them but I acknowledge fifa aggravating something different.

The capital acumen fifa has acquainted so arresting over the accomplished few years is acutely the gameplay. Addition huge acumen why I am alone accident my attraction with fifa is that it just doesn't feel new anymore. I acclimated to buy the 100$ version every year on barrage day, and absorb anywhere from 20-200$ a year on fifa packs. But because fifa has annihilation new to add besides adapted rosters every year and a contemporary bold artisan I now adjournment till it's on auction for about 35$ before I buy it. I never buy packs anymore. What fifa needs is a complete overhaul. The currently model, while authoritative them endless of money is apprenticed to blast eventually as added and added humans become apathetic and balke with the inconsistent, AI abundant gameplay and abridgement of new content. Not to acknowledgment the accessible banning of fifa packs and boodle boxes as they could be advised a anatomy of bank for minors. Fifa needs to alter their agreeable and the bold modes, which will acquiesce for not abandoned added monetization opportunities, but a added engaged, blessed fan base.

Battle passes are a absolute accepted trend in gaming and I feel abounding users would pay for a affection like that. Absolute challenges for appropriate FUT cards. A affirmed top rated agenda if you play abundant amateur or annual abundant goals.

Essentially what they do now with the annual and circadian rewards but with better, added advantageous rewards. It could aswell accord FUT packs every anniversary agnate to the choice editions. Academy bread rewards per game. 5 chargeless band exercise cards every week. There are so abounding things they could do with it. I haven't bought packs in years but if I could absorb 10-15$ and end up accepting an added 500k in coins, appropriate absolute players and challenges, chargeless contracts, exercise cards, and chargeless packs over the advance of like a 3 ages period; afresh I would feel way bigger and added adequate to buy something like that afresh a few gold packs which usually get you nothing. I abhorrence myself for adage this but I feel like with the state of amateur the way they are it has appear to this, ea needs to add added agreeable so they can get humans to buy added things. Packs acquire absent there afterglow on some but are still a huge money maker for EA. I feel like this can't endure forever as added and added humans apprehend how little they in fact get aback from putting absolute money into this game. With that accepting said, actuality are some annual on how Fifa could be afflicted about to not abandoned add agreeable for the fan base, but also accessible up added opportunities for Ea to monetize things.

# My Pro ideas:

The Adventitious approved to acquaint a adventitious apprenticed approach but in fact bootless to crop on for a few reasons. The adventitious acquainted too scripted and no aggregate what you did in bold the adventitious progressed how it capital to. The added bigger botheration was that the approach chose to focus on a fabulous appearance who we could not adapt at all. This advance to abounding humans not caring what happened as they had no absorption in the appearance and acquainted like they were added just forth for the ride than a active participant. So actuality is my idea. Analysis the My Pro arrangement to be the new "Journey" mode. This would acquiesce the amateur to adapt their amateur and acquire added of a affiliation to the mode.

The My Pro appearance could go through a agnate offline adventitious apprenticed adventitious approach breadth they advance from arena in the streets with their accompany all the way to the pros. Breadth this would alter is the admittance of online play. The main focus of this approach would be an online hub alleged My Neighboorhood. This would abide of your house, the park, the shop, the hub, and the stadium. Your abode would be a abode to own and customize. Brainstorm accepting able to appearance off your trophies that you acquire as you play and advance from the game. Get a air-conditioned ball, cleats, jersey in a pack? Affectation them in cases about your house. Buy an figure for FUT on the market, get a alive jersey that you can proudly affectation on your walls. Allure your accompany over to watch bold highlights or reside champions alliance matches on your tv.

As you advance through your career you can move to nicer and bigger houses in bigger neighborhoods to appearance off to your friends. Allure your accompany to reside in your adjacency so you can analysis out their accomplishments and see how they customize their house.

The esplanade would be amid by your abode and abide of a few fields for training or arena aces up games. These fields could ambit from a abounding admeasurement angle to a baby futsal acreage adequate for 3v3, (where you can play short, 5 min bead in 3v3 amateur ala Rocket Alliance style) There could aswell be training drills which you could play with your accompany to convenance assertive situations or claiming your accompany to see who can get the top score.

The boutique is appealing beeline advanced but it would be a basic abundance amplitude breadth you could appearance the latest appurtenances that you can acquirement to advance your neighborhood. The hub would be a amusing amplitude that would advice advance a added absolute and advantageous community. At the hub you can watch highlights and videos of fifa gameplay as able-bodied as clips,highlights, and even abounding matches of absolute activity soccer games. How air-conditioned would it be to be able to watch a animosity bold about amongst a accumulation of accompany and adolescent supporters. The hub would aswell advice acquiesce groups to adapt afore branch into the amphitheater for abounding matches.

The amphitheater would acquire a few purposes. Mainly this would action as My Pro did in the past. A abode to bead in amateur as able-bodied as to acquire aggregation on aggregation seasons matches. The amphitheater would aswell be a abode to alternation your player. These trainings are added able but are aswell beneath common than the training in the esplanade that you can do whenever you want. The stadium, just like your house, can be upgraded to accommodate added types of training situations. Brainstorm accepting able to body your own custom stadium. You alpha off with a baby acreage with a few bleachers and advance all the way to a amphitheater with abundant basement to authority 100,000 people. The bigger the stadium, the added bill per bout you earn. Body up your training arena about your amphitheater as able-bodied as your adolescence and aloof facilities. Now brainstorm if this amphitheater that is acclimated in your My Pro approach is aswell the one that is acclimated for your FUT stadium. It would accord the players something to appearance off and accord them something to plan appear and advance through the year. Add banners from adequate capacity and tournaments. This amphitheater if you want, could aswell be acclimated in the new online affiliated administrator mode. My abstraction is that all the modes breeze into anniversary added and are affiliated in some way.

# Administrator Approach Ideas-

The administrator approach has accustomed me the hardest time in addition out how this would work. Humans acquire mentioned afore that Madden Ultimate aggregation has a online career mode, so if humans apperceive added about this or acquire annual about how it could plan please leave ideas. The botheration with bassinet approach currently, besides seeing no aloft upgrades in years, is that you acquire to play the AI. I don't apperceive about you but I abhorrence arena the computer, its not about advantageous as assault a absolute person and on harder difficulties the computer feels like it is cheating. Accepting able to crop your aggregation online and play with all those annual kids you traded for and accomplished aback they were 17 would be awesome.

Fifa has by far the a lot of aggregate of in bold players in any sports bold and it is sad that abandoned a few hundred of these see any absolute use. Yes, humans would still use abounding of the aforementioned players as they would acquisition who has the a lot of abeyant and train those players the hardest, but these players are usually absolute low rated in FUT and about never used. This would accessible up a accomplished added basin of players who are already in the bold by authoritative them applicable options. The administrator approach would action absolute analogously to how it works now. You would still be able to train, scout, trade, and administer your aggregation like normal. An offline approach like accustomed would still be available.

How the online approach would alter is a administrator acceptability system. Like the "My Pro" system, you alpha off as a low akin manager. Instead of a abode you can adapt your office. This would be featured if signing players, managing aggregation sheets, affairs and watching aloof footage. You alpha off abandoned accepting able to administer low akin teams. This afresh promotes added acceptance of the players that are already in the game. Analysis matches are played by the amateur vs. added absolute life players and their administrator approach squads. Ideally they would be in the aforementioned alliance as yours, but some compromises accept to be fabricated in the annual of functionality as a in fact astute approach ability be impossible/not fun to play. You could play through at your own clip but some caps in the anatomy of backbone accident or timers ability charge to be put in abode to stop players from training their players and advocacy there stats at a aggregate too fast.

In adjustment for this to plan I anticipate that the amateur needs to able to play at there own pace. Accepting a absolute on the aggregate of amateur you can play is not a adequate idea. The amateur will acquire challenges and goals that they acquire to accommodated to acquire manager reputation. If abundant acceptability is adequate new band options are accessible and the bassinet can move to a bigger team. In adjustment to stop humans from accepting to year 2500, if you alteration to a altered team, the year is displace back to year one with all amateur advance traveling aback to the beginning. What I beggarly is that if you were the drillmaster of a aggregation in the 4th analysis the upgrades that players alfresco your aggregation had acquired would displace aback to their aboriginal starting point. Your aloft aggregation and players would still advance there advance and training that you did. This way you would be able to not abandoned barter for aloft players you admired and accomplished harder with, but you would aswell be able to scout and see the ratings of abeyant players to buy in the future. Your aloof board would in fact aggregate as you could see how some players advance and crop agenda of who to buy if you move to a bigger aggregation who is able to acquiesce them.

As you play and acquire added bassinet acceptability you alleviate all-embracing bassinet assignment breadth you alpha off managing either lower bank nations or adolescence teams of above nations. Aback All-embracing amateur appear beneath frequently, they would appear only on weekends agnate to weekend league. You can play a assertive aggregate of amateur to acquire altered bank rewards, added administrator acceptability and rewards for added modes like My Pro cosmetics, or FUT packs. As you acquire added and added reputation you are assuredly able to administer a bank 1 aggregation like Barcelona or Man City. Remember that if you about-face teams the year resets aback to the year 1. Hopefully by the time you ability this tier, it has been atleast a few months into the amateur life. With about 40 amateur a analysis and a 20 year cap, you will be able to play up to 800 amateur with this aggregation afore hitting the year cap and your players no best upgrading. That way you can play the 20 or so seasons that it allows and barter /train your way to an absurd team. If you ability the max year with a bank 1 team, you can alpha a new aggregation at any time with added bonuses and a above alteration budget. All old teams are adored and can be played with in online singles and the new abstract mode. Even if annihilation is afflicted to how administrator approach functions currently, accepting able to play humans online with these teams would accomplish the approach badly added enjoyable.

# Fut Draft

I adore the accepted archetypal of how the abstract approach works but I feel like so abundant added could be done with it. In added amateur there are generally alternating playlists with altered and altered bold modes. Abstract could become this alteration playlist for fifa. Fifa alien some new bold modes this year but they are abandoned accessible offline in bang off mode. Why? How abounding of you acquire in fact played these? Why can't we acquire these hardly absurd and fun bold modes to play online with?

A abstract approach breadth afterwards you accept a appetite you get to bandy for a amateur on you opponents team. A approach breadth every acreage amateur is a goalie. A no goalie approach but with baby training nets? 2v2 abstract breadth you crop turns architecture the team.

There are so abounding little tweaks or changes they could accomplish to accumulate the gameplay beginning and humans advancing aback aflame to try out a new mode. Instead now we get to play the aforementioned bold approach over and over and over afresh but with just different players. Yay.

# Annual for Band Battles

I for one anticipate this is one of the a lot of abortive and annoying things fifa has added in contempo years. A lot of of the teams you face are either air-conditioned squads with abounding toty and appropriate cards or those accidental squads that are top rated golds with some accidental bronzes. On lower adversity it's too simple and you can annual like 10 goals a bold and afresh set your ambassador down and on academy difficulties that low rated brownish plays like Pele. Do humans in fact adore this approach or just play it to bullwork out wins for rewards? In annual brainstorm if Band Battles was in fact accurate to its name. A action amid our best squads.

-No Chemistry! Play with all of your admired players Fut players no aggregate what alliance or nation they play for. Players can aswell be played in any position you like. -Add players from your Online Career Approach band Brainstorm accepting able to play with all those players you formed harder to barter and alternation with. -My Pro Add your customized pro you've accomplished with and see how they play with absolute pro players and icons -Bronze,Silver,Gold, and Elite tournaments. The acknowledgment of bronze and argent tournaments, this time with no allure so you can in fact advance the best that argent and brownish players acquire to offer.

# New Mode- Champions League

Ea has done a appealing poor job accumulation their new authorization for the Champions Alliance and I anticipate a added astute approach centered about it would be a abundant opportunity. Ambition to prove you are the best of the best?

The new Champions League Approach would be a chiral settings abandoned mode. A abode for players who in fact ambition to prove themselves and don't ambition the quick, arcade, ping pong no attending accidental that the approved Fut approach offers. This approach would feel about like a different bold and would acquiesce for players who ambition a added astute acquaintance to in fact dig in and play adjoin added like absent people.

# New Mode- Futsal/Indoor

Why oh why Ea acquire you not fabricated addition Fifa Street? I apperceive abounding humans absence this and ambition it aback but a simple affair EA could do is accord us a futsal or calm field. We don't charge the crazy ability moves from street, just acceptance us to use accustomed abilities on a baby acreage would be incredible. 3v3 up to 5v5. This could acquire two modes, one with 1 amateur authoritative all the players, agnate to the approved modes, as able-bodied as a My Pro adaptation breadth you abandoned ascendancy your pro and are teamed up with added people. This eliminates some of the frustrations with the ai that is in the My Pro Approach by accepting rid of them completely. This aswell solves the botheration of humans not absent to play as a apostle in my pro because in a baby 3v3 calm acreage you are complex in all of the play. A approach like this could aswell advice advance a advantageous community. Baby aggregation modes I feel would animate humans to use their mics and possibly change the abhorrence people currently acquire for their opponents.If annihilation abroad amuse add something like this EA.

# Community

I've played bags of amateur of fifa, do you apperceive how abounding humans I've added to my accompany annual over these years. 2. In arena Apex occasionally aback it's absolution I've added 5 friends. I'm talking about maybe 10 hours absolute in Apex vs. years of arena fifa. Why is this bold so toxic? Able-bodied aboriginal and foremost it's because clashing a lot of added aggressive amateur it's 1v1. This automatically creates astriction amid you and your opponent. 

With the admittance of some of the new modes and changes I've talked about this could in fact advice body the community. Brainstorm if MY Pro was added accepted and affiliated to your fut aggregation like I mentioned. Finding adequate superior teammates is basic to your success. By promoting modes like this that animate aggregation play we can alpha to hopefully body a fifa association that actively engages with others. Acquire a adequate bout in FuT? Allure afresh to play a 2v2 abstract approach with you. Appear up adjoin a adequate skiller? Allure them to your adjacency training arena and play some ability amateur with them, or bigger yet added them to your 3v3 My Pro futsal team. I apperceive abounding humans are assholes and ability not do things like this but I feel some effort has to be fabricated to advice strengthen the fifa community, could could cause appropriate now the abandoned advice I get from adolescent players 

on fifa is letters debris talking afterwards a game.

# How these changes are benign to EA

We all apperceive Ea is all about authoritative as abundant as possible. How does abacus these new modes annual EA? By acceptance added affairs to monetize the game. I mentioned a action canyon blazon bearings beforehand but Ea could aswell change how there beloved coughgamblingcough I beggarly backpack arrangement works. Packs could no best just focus on FUT items, but aswell could accord items to your My Pro, Online Career Mode, Cosmetic items for your Neighborhood, etc. Packs could be torn into general packs that accord items out for all the modes or added specific ones, breadth for classic you are affirmed 4 Administrator items out of the 12 if you accessible a Fut Administrator pack, or My Pro items if you accessible a My Pro pack. This would adulterate some of the rewards even added appropriately consistent in humans accepting to accessible added packs to try and get the items they want. Does this kinda suck...yes. But to be honest I'd barter this arrangement in acknowledgment for a bold that has added modes and things for me to do.

Yes, it may be added grindy but brainstorm accepting something advantageous to bullwork for? Or if you are annoyed of cutting FUT champs you could consistently about-face to addition approach and play. As I declared beforehand these modes would acquire some array of connection acceptation that you are still benefiting your FUT aggregation while you are arena the career approach or My Pro as you are earning added coins. All modes would acquire you bill to be spent in any of the modes. This would aswell advice advertise added packs and action passes as bill you acquire and absorb would be advance out amidst all the new modes. Spent too abundant advance your amphitheater and a new FUT agenda comes out you want? Able-bodied this tempts the amateur to buy added packs. I abhorrence to encourage EA by cogent us to adulterate the packs and accomplish us bullwork more, but if that agency abacus absolute agreeable afresh I'm accomplished with it; As continued as I can still accomplish these things artlessly by arena the game. Seriously, what has happened this year is antic with the prices of the top akin players. Humans will bullwork or barter and acquisition agency bu EA has to do a bigger job acclimation this. Humans who put in the time should be adored as such and the others who ambition to pay...well let them decay their money on it if it agency that we all can get a bigger fifa.

I adulation Fifa, and acquire spent endless hours of my activity arena it but am starting to see my annual for it die and my will to play it disappear. I achievement by accepting a absolute altercation on how we ambition the approaching of fifa to attending will hopefully one day admission the aggregation at EA to accord us added than a just a annual re-skin of the game. Thanks for your time, I apperceive this is a continued column but I abhorrence to see my admired bold avoid the issues we acquire with gameplay and never try and activate up or footfall alfresco of the box with their gameplay ideas.

TL;DR As a constant Fifa amateur I feel the bold is adequate dried and the afterglow of FUT has beat off. Ea needs to change and innovate. Aboriginal and foremost fix the inconsistency/randomness/bs of gameplay and the issues with server lag and input delay. Second, apparatus new agency and modes to collaborate with our team. By accumulation all modes into FUT, we as a amateur acquire added things to do and can absorb added time arena the game. In acknowledgment Ea aswell has added opportunities to get the amateur absorbed by alms added modes to play and bullwork appear and appetizing humans buy packs/passes instead of cutting for players and fifa 20 coins.

More agreeable for us, added money for EA. Win Win. From Reddit.