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May-16-2019 Categories: news

Instead of the usual, "Which guy is better?" Amid Amateur A and Amateur B debate, i absitively to get your guys ascribe on who i should accept based on how in actuality ANNOYING anniversary amateur is to appear up against. I feel like that will accord me a bigger attending on who to use instead of the accepted analysis.

Here is some of the advice apropos anniversary card.

Player A is 92 RTTF Griezmann: -just arranged through a UCL Premium advancement -rabid amateur who seems to just will goals into the aback of the net -fits accurately with my about French Band -hair is appealing air-conditioned i assumption -don't accept any loyalty to him tbh because i never accept acclimated him in any bold this fifa and accepting him was added accidental than in actuality adapted -not in actuality abiding if he is accepting a TOTS or not -High/High workrates assume absurd for slashing runs adjoin the goal.

Player B: 3POTM Reus -love this agenda and accept played over 600+ amateur with him, but aswell accessible to move on if all-important -stamina isn't an affair but he does get afraid off the brawl in actuality calmly abnormally in the top accommodation and WL - finesse shots are in actuality from God himself -passing is appropriate but no breadth abreast the 93 face carbon he has -foregone cessation he gets a TOTS so affliction case is if i abandon him, i may potentially get him aback afterwards on -Medium/Medium workrates accept been apparent for some of his advancing runs.

Each one would play the CAM position in either a 41212(2) or 4231.

Okayyyyy so who would you rather NOT play adjoin if you had the choice? Whichever amateur gets the ax will end up allowance my bullwork towward PIM Socrates.

My Opinion,

I would rather not play adjoin Reus, he is a God, I accept him, i play him in a 2 striker formation, he plays as striker forth ancillary Havertz, Griezy has had a quiet year and for me he didnt do much, he was best in a cam position for me, had him but now i play 4-4-2 anatomy with no cam, he dosent fit.

I don't apperceive if Griezy gets a tots agenda this year, FIFA 20 Coins on the added duke Reus has accept several cards already and will get a tots card.

Your choice, if i played with a cam/s, Greizy would be good, if 4-4-2 definetly Reus, as a striker, maybe you can fit both in the team.

Any admonition would be accepted acknowledgment guys!