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​FIFA 20 - Things I'd adulation to see in FIFA 20

news Jul-24-2019


- Able to simulate matches while watching the bots play (like in football administrator games)

- Added customisable administrator models

- Added "cutscenes"

- Fixed bugs

- Bigger columnist appointment (for archetype you can accept what you say, and it will aftereffect on admirers or players abnormally or positively)

- Accomplish it added simple to analysis added team's player's ratings

- In absolute activity summers, amuse amend the amateur transfers into fifa

- Accomplish for archetype abettor administrator to acclaim you players who you should assurance and accomplish the club's lath to admonition you more

- Choosable sponsors

- Kit creator

- Stadium creator

- Accomplish the player's allowance added important

PLAYER MODE (I don't play it much):

- Added customasible amateur model

- Cutscenes

- Fix bugs

- Accomplish the player's allowance added important

Also apologetic formy bad english, amuse advance added things in the com ments.