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Nov-09-2018 Categories: news

Let me activate that I've been arena fifa aback I was 12 (I'm 25 now) and I accept predominantly admired every individual arrangement of the bold appropriately far.

But here's my issue, aback endure year, FUT has swallowed me into an ballsy blackhole of fucking madness. I activate aflame to play the bold with my agenda of dream players and accomplishment angered at my existence!

More accurately this year I can't assume to get a win at all. I've afflicted formations, I've approved altered tactics, I've approved arresting with my cdm, but to no avail, nada. I feel crazy because I acclimated to be a .50 player.

At affliction I'd accept a few losses below 50. But this year I accept a almanac or 19-22-48. I can't adore this bold at all, and it's active me crazy because I consistently ambition to play it.

So what's happening, has Fifa been accepting worse? Accept players been accepting better? Is this bold torn or am I in actuality just shit? Acceptable is not the accomplished point of this bold but it's a abuse acceptable activity all I ambition is to feel like I'm playing a counterbalanced game.

Edit: I end up arena for hours aggravating to get one win! Like I just end up crumbling my time and I feel added absorbed at this point than annihilation else.

I don't apperceive what it is about FUT that makes me like this and I'm acumen now that I'm not able to adore the bold how abundant I can't abide it.

First of all, change your mindset appear the game. You accepting angered doesn't advice at all.

Secondly, you say that annihilation works, but what does that even mean? You're arena the game, the bold isn't declared to play for you.

What are your strengths? Posession? Skilling? Are you acceptable at adverse advancing or assimilation up pressure? Admit what you feel adequate with and buy players to reflect this.

Thirdly admit your mistakes. So generally on the adverse I get hit with the striker accidental to the accompaniment afresh active the approach which draws my CB in.

Having accustomed this, I leave the accompaniment and clue the strikers run until the accompaniment is in my box. Stuff.like this is important, realise why you accept and you'll apprentice what not to do.

Personally my strengths are in assimilation burden and wingplay, accordingly I accept fast accomplished wingers and a alpine striker and Cam ( I play 4231) that can recieve my crosses.