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Mar-14-2019 Categories: news

A quick approximate of me - Div 3 player, played complete of 900 abecedarian so far, mainly SB, Rivals and WL. Pack luck has ranged periods from batty to adversity to air-conditioned to affecting (posted both of my teams below).

The new cards from all the promos this year are great, my admired abecedarian is Talisca and aback he went to the CSL, I never anticipation i'd be able to fit him aback into my capital team, FIFA 19 Coins but he's there afresh acknowledgment to this week's objectives and there to breach until Fifa 20! (including OP Hulk).

My capital affair is how calmly packs are achievable and how ambiguous they are. If you had the advantage to accept amid a Attenuate Abecedarian Pack (12 attenuate gold players, account 50k) or a affirmed 87 rated abecedarian (not college of lower, boilerplate value currently amid 30-35k), the majority of players would accept the one player, because the likelihood of packing anywhere aloft 30k in the attenuate players packs are abbreviate to none.

What I would like to see is beneath 84 and beneath rated attenuate gold players (if any), so packs earnt through hours of gameplay reflect the bulk of what you're traveling to get. So for example, a Premium Gold Players Pack (12 gold players, 3 rare), you're finer affirmed 3 players over 85 rated. I accept this would lower the bulk of college rated players whilst befitting the trading aspect with lower rated abecedarian (more on this below).

SBCs are the best affair that happened to Fifa. They accomplish cards which would never be acclimated in aggressive gameplay (i'm talking accidental competitive, not pro competitive, like accept you anytime faced accepted gold Andy Carroll up top in weekend league?) a college bulk than their carelessness price. Ideally as well, because a lot of SBCs are time limited, there are assorted requirements which could be acclimated breadth the bazaar could afterwards acknowledge (e.g. English players in Bundesliga).

Overall, every abecedarian should accept the adeptness to bullwork to acquiesce any abecedarian in the game, which is currently impossible. Maximum prices on some players are an complete joke, no abecedarian should be account 15 actor coins. Acknowledgment for account and would adulation to apprehend your thoughts!