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​FIFA 19 - EA broke FIFA

news Apr-17-2019

​FIFA 19 - EA broke FIFA

If you yield a continued and disturbing adventure through the aeon of FIFA 19, we appear beyond dozens of times EA Sports FIFA accept bootless to address, change, or even accede bugs, glitches, and bold breaking mechanics in their own game. We were all accustomed a beta video bold to play.

No, not the bankrupt beta adaptation of the bold at the alpha of the year, but the adaptation we all play today. FIFA 19. We are their employees. Telling the developers what to do, accusatory on forums, YouTube, Twitter, etc. until their own association and consumers are in uproar banishment change. Anytime aback the bold launched, we were all apparent to torn mechanics that shouldn't accept been in this bold from the get-go (i.e. aerial kicks, finesses, accumulation glitch, etc.).

EA Sports FIFA gave us Prime Icons, which are by definition, the best Icon you can get. We were all accustomed endless of SBCs for icons to complete and play with. We assuredly were able to use our admired icons, except we were accepting deceived the absolute time. We weren't commutual the SBC for the best adaptation as we originally thought. Heads-up, Prime Icons aren't the best now. Prime Icon Moments are now the new thing.

As EA Sports FIFA appear Icon Moments, we were apparent to SBCs and cards that bulk bifold of their Primes, yet accepting basal upgrades. Now, not alone is the Prime Icon you accept not the best anymore, your adaptation has already absent a third of its aboriginal price, as able-bodied as your next advancement bulk bifold of the aboriginal price.

Now that aggregate was Icon Moments, and EA claimed there would be no added Prime Icon SBCs to be released, we would assuredly be able to play with the abominable Prime Icon Moments Ronaldo, Pele, Eusebio, Gullit, etc. I beg your pardon, I mean Prime Ronaldo, Pele, Eusebio, and Gullit. Yes, EA backtracked and instead of absolution the cards as Prime Icon Moments, we just got their primes.

And it's all our faults. There's a acumen R9 hasn't been on the bazaar in months. There's a acumen R9 doesn't appearance up in draft. It's our faults we're not aperture antic amounts of packs to admission him. We're at accountability for not packing him enough, and we're the acumen EA didn't put a Prime Moments Pele, R9, R10, etc into the game. We're the acumen those cards don't appear out in packs. EA Sports FIFA advisedly fabricated this game, so no bulk how harder you bullwork this game, you will never accept the best aggregation available.

No bulk how abounding banknote you bandy at this game, you will not even be close. You can accept 100,000,000 Madden and will not be able to get the best players. Not because the players are that expensive, it's because the players themselves aren't even accepting packed. No, it's not EAs fault. Already again, it's our fault.

EA Sports FIFA continues to prove to the absolute community, FIFA 19 Coins that they are what's killing the game. No bulk of new promos will win aback the association you already advance to accumulate absorbed for added than 5 months, if you lie to our faces, accusation the user for what YOU accept put us into.

Nobody in this association is to accusation for anything. We complain, whine, and are affronted so consistently because you, EA Sports FIFA, accept in fact fucked up. You accept broke your bold and you will never recover. Out of all the lies and screwups you've fabricated during these ten years of FUT, this takes the cake. FIFA 19 is the alpha of the end for the FIFA series, and EA Sports doesn't assume to care.

FIFA was a bold I played whenever I bare to get abroad from aggregate or was sad. I played career admission to try and about-face myself into the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi as a kid. FIFA acclimated to be a fun escape from my troubles. What has happened to the bold we all loved?