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Nov-01-2018 Categories: news

IYO: Is the bold bigger or worse if it's easier to get high-rated players? A adequately accepted complaint I see about FUT is that it's pay to win and that it can be difficult to get the highest-rated/best players in the bold afterwards paying absolute money.

Then I aswell see humans accusatory about POTM Lucas, who is a about high-rated amateur who was adequately simple to obtain, in every added aggregation that they play against.

There were agnate complaints with World Cup approach area it was adequately simple to admission Icons - there were lots of complaints about every aggregation accepting abounding with Icons.

I'd be absorbed to apprehend opinions on what the best way to administer this is. They could accomplish it easier to admission higher-rated players but afresh it stands to acumen that anybody will be application those players.

What would humans achievement to see on this?

The best way to do aggressive FIFA, and according to me the abandoned way, is to use the set up you had in the FIFA 16 online FIWC qualifier.

Basically, you could baddest any aggregation in the game, and they would all accept an according amateur appraisement beyond the board, abandoned allocated to fit the players. That ment that the abandoned differences you would accept in teams area attributes like height, accomplishment moves, anemic foot, plan rates, and such, maybe aswell altered animations - which in my eyes creates abounding array forth with accumulation choices and added tactics.

That approach should aswell be FREE to play. That agency that the aloft agency on who wins will be skill.

The abandoned affair I wouldnt accumulate is the 90 amateur over a 2 ages period. Instead, it should play out like a accustomed ladder, and end in bounded tournaments for those who accept fabricated it to the top during a specific aeon of time.

To me, that - BEFORE we alpha talking about how torn the bold play is - is the abandoned way to do Esports in FIFa properly.

Problem is: if they do this format, pro players would not blot time on FUT because they accept to alternation on Online Season H2H and this wouldn't account EA at all financially wise.

Exactly. That is the aloft issue. And the botheration is, already that is in place, and EA makes amazing amounts of money on it - its never traveling to be taken out. Its actuality to breach indefinitely, wether we like it or not.

So FUCK microtransactions man. It charcoal gaming from within.

I DO like your idea, and I accept aswell in actuality organized a few tournaments amid accompany with those exact rules, but for aloft aggressive gaming its traveling to be a bit too complicated to do. Its a VERY acceptable way to do accidental tournaments though, even bigger ones if the organizers can be agitated to do the work.