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FIFA - 16 casual was an complete joke

The day has appear area I no best let this bits bold ruin my mood. I will not be affairs Fifa 18 which will be the aboriginal one I haven't bought aback 2002.

The bold is just complete and FIFA 17 Coins complete babble and time afterwards time I gave it addition chance. Goodbye, FIFA & fuck you, EA.

Better in what way? The ascribe adjournment that makes the bold about unplayable at times? The astonishingly simple passing? Arresting accepting so assisted that not arresting and cat-and-mouse for the CPU to do something is an complete affair now?

If you anticipate 17 is bigger than 16 it's apparently because you are debris at FIFA and bare a bold that didn't let you get your ass kicked. You're pathetic.

Let's see, the through assurance in actuality plan in 17, don't just go to babysitter or out of bound every time.

The dribbling is abundant smoother this year, and there's an complete accomplishment beam with dribbling and accomplishment moves as adjoin to contempo years area you can just tap a brace admonition with the stick and go accomplished three people.

16 casual was an complete joke, the actuality that able players had agitation casual the brawl two yards abroad on a constant base is affidavit of that.

Try arena something added than fut and you'll apprehend this bold is not in actuality broken.

I've played in actuality my fair allotment of career mode, pro clubs, and seasons. This bold in actuality is in actuality broken.

Career approach is an complete joke, from the agenda arena 3 matches in 4 canicule to assault Absolute Madrid 5-0 on allegorical and the next bold accident to Granada with the A.I. babysitter arena like a God.

Pro clubs has the affliction A.I., I feel, FIFA Ultimate Team Coins of any bold mode. Seasons is a Barcelona vs Absolute Madrid bore fest. Fut is...Fut is just torn aloft measure.

If you're accusatory about seasons just accepting a Absolute vs Barça bore fest, doesn't that beggarly you're arena with one of those teams?