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​Fallout 76 - New allegorical effects

news Jul-23-2019

​Fallout 76 - New allegorical effects

What new allegorical furnishings would you like to see in the game? Patch 11 has credible how abhorrent things are the moment we lose legendaries. I anticipate they are one of the capital alive armament that advance a lot of players to log in circadian and acreage them if there is no new agreeable or annihilation abroad to do.

Without legendaries we wouldn't accept airy trading communities and no or little body diversity. Just afresh I got my dream weapon (like the exact weapon i capital with the exact 3 stats i wanted) and it feels like i exhausted the bold and every added allegorical accolade i'll get in the approaching is accordingly traveling to be suboptimal to what i already have.

This botheration is acquired by the acute unbalances there are amid the effects. Over 200k accessible combinations yet 90% of us are abandoned searching for that Bloodied, Anti Armor or Two Attempt Atomic Handmade/Laser. And accurately so, because nothing abroad is appropriately viable.

Another nerf (like the Two Attempt Explosive) to the Bloodied or bequest accoutrements will abandoned could cause abuse 2.0 just like the aboriginal time so the abandoned accessible band-aid i can anticipate of that can breach assorted problems at already (ruined bazaar by dupers, abridgement of new continued appellation agreeable and meta diversity) is to acquaint new legendaries able to attempt with the few ascendant ones. Some examples:



Healthy: 30% added accident if aloft 95% health, -20% accident if beneath 50% health

(An against addition to Bloodied which is beneath chancy but added arduous aback you're consistently affected to accept max bloom in adjustment to account it)

Heroic: 80% added accident while demography damage

(An addition to base stealth builds that armament you to be apparent to account it and accepting a huge accident addition in upfront face to face PvP and PvE)

Human: 50% added accident if you accept no mutations

(A accessible aftereffect for the builds that don't ambition mutations)

Marker: Marks enemies already you aim them

(Counter to Chameleon and Stealth Boy builds)

Energic: Refill AP bar by 20% afterwards anniversary kill

MAJOR MODIFIERS (the hardest allotment aback atomic is king):

Double Range: increases the able range

(Very advantageous for shotguns that accept a accustomed baby ambit or assassin rifles for a authentic assassin experience)

Stable: Recoil bargain by 80%

Bleeding: Enemies yield accident over time


Unbreakable: Breach 90% slower

Resourceful: 25% beneath ammo consumption

(Ex: for every 4 bullets attempt one is “free”)

Focused: 15% added accident in VATS with 15% added AP bulk per shot



Healthy: +1 to all stats if aloft 95% health, -1 to all stats if beneath 20% damage

Human: +25 Accident and Activity attrition if you are not mutated


Chem: Beneath AP cesspool while beneath the aftereffect of chems

Immune: 20% beneath ache adventitious from animals and environment


Reactive: 10% beneath accident from explosives at the bulk of its durability

(A abounding set of this commutual with Fireproof should about abolish any atomic accident banishment added players to alter the allegorical atomic accoutrements meta)

What added new allegorical furnishings would you like to see in the game?