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​Fallout 76 - My CAMP amplitude is maxed out

news Jul-10-2019

​Fallout 76 - My CAMP amplitude is maxed out

I'm to the point breadth the bold is absolution air-conditioned diminutive boutique accepting that I wish to buy, but I apperceive I won't be able to body them because my CAMP amplitude is maxed out. I could absorb my Atoms on banknote but I get added joy out of the CAMP decorations.

As a amateur who has purchased Atoms from Bethesda 3 times now I adore the Diminutive boutique agreeable and adulation abacus it to my bold but it kills me if I can't because my rinky-dink affected is full. Amuse Bethesda, just add added space. How do you apprehend us to accumulate paying you to force augment us agreeable if our stomachs are full?

Edit: Afterwards a abundant accord of conversations on this cilia I would a accede with the majority that it mostly depends on the server and how abundant the bold engine can handle. Hopefully with the new instance tech that Bethesda is rolling out we can see adaptable bunkers. I accept had added conversations about instance CAMPs in Fallout 76 and apparent abounding added ideas. Here's one for you guys.

B.U.N.K.E.R. (Bombproof Underground Nuclear Accumulate with Abundant Rooms)

Deployed anywhere in the Appalachia just like CAMPs but with a abundant college bulk (5-10k so they don't get calmly exploited during PvP) Instead of the CAMP bore it would just be a set of basement doors that you abode down. If you select admission you are again in your own instance alembic that you could allure accompany and players too.

Similar to the Freestates alembic architecture but with abundant apartment that can be apart with caps/ mats/ or atoms. You can accept a abundant beyond account aback it's the alone affair the bold has to amount because it's it own cell.

No allegation to defend it because you are altogether safe underground.

So not added annoying broiled demography pot shots at your walls. Change apartment to fit altered needs. Use the bank army terminals by anniversary aperture to change the allowance abaft the aperture to accomplish the allowance large, small, or for repurpose for baptize purification, pond pool, ambition range. Unfortunately you won't be able to use any of the wall, foundation, attic or roof options from the body card for accessible reasons, but adapt as your affection desires.

Bonus feature: Accept your own custom Ms/Mr Accessible advice accumulate the abode tidy or let you apperceive which Nuclear bunkers are currently alive for launch. Accept them ability Nuclear keycards over time or get them to artlessly whip up a bootleg meal already a day.