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​Fallout 76 - I attempted Meltdown on abecedarian yesterday

news Sep-04-2019

​Fallout 76 - I attempted Meltdown on abecedarian yesterday

I wish to be angry the insects that accord me boodle and XP, not the bugs that stop the bold working. I attempted Meltdown on abecedarian yesterday, and the acquaintance in fact crystallized the issues with this game. I'm traveling to abridge what happened afore accepting to my point, admitting there's a tldr at the basal if you wish it.

As usual, I began the arrest by traveling to Basement 94 and account the terminal inside. It fabricated acknowledgment of radiation, so I absitively to change from the T-51b clothing I was cutting to my X-01 suit, sacrificing some accident attrition for added radiation resistance. This was an absorbing choice, and I was beholden of the backing box amid alfresco the basement that fabricated it simple to do. I aswell carefully acclaimed that the terminal was absolutely responsive, so I absitively not to server hop.

The aboriginal appearance of the basement went well: annihilate ghouls and aces up ID cards. Simple enough. I had a acceptable cackle aloft acumen that afterwards so abounding runs through a nuked Whitesprings I was yet afresh angry ghouls in an ablaze area.

Decided to try the greenhouse as the next breadth to see if my Quad Tesla burglarize would be able adjoin the insects accounted to be in the vault.

Sure enough, my Tesla burglarize formed brilliantly: point it vaguely in the administration of the bugs, authority the activate down, and watch them die. I acquainted a faculty of satisfaction: things were traveling able-bodied because of choices I had made. If I had fabricated other choices, such as aggravating to use my Gatling gun, things would not be traveling so well.

Then something happened that was not the aftereffect of my choices. The insects chock-full dying. Sure, their bloom confined went down as I advance them, sometimes to zero, but if I chock-full cutting their bloom regenerated as if I had not so abundant as affected them. It's that abuse accident bug. I've got some actively acceptable ranged weapons - an AAFFR Gatling (primed), a FE LMG (primed), and my Quad Tesla - but they were all instantly rendered abortive by this bug. (And yes, accepting all those accoutrements did yield a continued time.) Fortunately I aswell acquire a in fact abundant affray weapon, an Instigating +40% ability advance Grognak axe, so I switched to that and apprenticed on (the anticipation of just throwing abroad 20 account of plan and restarting the bold didn't action to me at the time). Angry mirelurks with an axe isn't fun, but I managed.

Eventually I got to engineering. Oh, mainframe cores. There should be an absorbing best here: do I adjustment damaged cores or seek for complete ones? Repairing cores sacrifices crafting resources, analytic for complete ones sacrifices time. Repairing cores aswell makes you accessible to attack, decidedly if you are a ability armor user.

Except for a ability armor user there is no best at all. Attempting to avenue ability armor risks locking the bold into an aloft state, banishment you to abdicate the game. 90 account or best into this run there was no fracking way I was exiting my ability armor. I searched for every mainframe amount I could find, and I kept on analytic continued afterwards enemies had chock-full spawning. I'm not acceptable at scavenger hunts, so it took a while, but I eventually begin abundant cores to alleviate enough apartment to get the all-important ten ID cards. I acquainted I had triumphed, but the antecedent of my activity was accepting abhorred departure my ability armor added so than acquisition abounding enemies or analytic a puzzle.

At this point I had been on this arrest for over two hours. Top in my apperception was a individual thought: “please don't crash”. I entered the GECK area, and acclaimed some absorbing belief I would yield in at a afterwards time. And afresh I started the final fight.

In what acquainted like beneath than a minute, ghouls had swarmed the breadth and destroyed pipes at a bulk far faster than I could adjustment them. Mission failed, kicked to the surface. The blooming on top? A scorchbeast aerial above, and associated mobs on the ground. I approved my Gatling gun one endure time: still bugged. I abdicate to desktop.

Here's the thing: I can win that fight, but not with affray weapons. Appropriate now I should be cerebration about aggravating again: addition out how to breach the puzzles faster, chief on how abounding pre-prepared mainframe cores to accompany along, and learning the blueprint and spawn credibility of that final action so I can handle it solo.

But there's no point. The bigger adversary in that arrest wasn't the band of enemies put in foreground of me, it was the bugs that denied me absorbing choices. If my accoutrements in fact did accident that ashore I could acquire fabricated a bigger advance at that final battle. I ability still acquire lost, but at atomic afresh it would acquire been because of the decisions I made!

I wish to be angry the insects that accord me boodle and XP, not the bugs that stop the bold working.

None of these issues are specific to this basement raid, and they aren't specific to today. Furthermore, these issues are now issues even if they aren't in fact happening. Even if I'm not experiencing a bug, I'm cerebration about how to mitigate them from happening. Aloft account the aboriginal terminal my apperception anon went to "this is abrupt abundant I will not server hop". And I'm not traveling to advance that basement arrest afresh because of the achievability of that accident bug re-occurring and accident my progress.

When because something in the game, my bulk one anticipation is consistently about bugs or adherence rather than gameplay. Should I barrage a nuke? How acceptable is it that the bold will blast afore I launch? Should I action the queen?

How acceptable is it that she will fly away? Should I do this ancillary quest? Bigger attending up how abounding accomplish are complex so I apperceive how bad it will be if I acquire to restart it!

At present the endgame bang-up isn't the Queen or some basement raid: it's the blood-soaked “disconnected from server” popup.

As I am autograph this It has been 287 canicule aback launch. The post-launch abutment for this bold has been like watching a band dance: Bethesda manages to yield some accomplish forward, and afresh walks them appropriate aback again.

Bugs that were declared to acquire been anchored are re-introduced. Adherence improvements are undone. Things that should acquire been bent by a account of accepting to analysis somehow accomplish it into the easily of your players.

To yield a accurate example: how is it accessible for an check to the cipher administration allegorical drops to aftereffect in every two or three brilliant allegorical weapon in the bold accepting the limb accident effect? Actually, accepting done some programming, I accept that awe-inspiring things like that can appear with code. What I don't accept is how it fabricated it into production. Was it a case of a abortive testing arrangement that needs abundant improvement, or did anyone in fact adjudge to advisedly address that?!

Unfortunately it's now not even a amount of acclimation the game, because they acquire fabricated things bigger in the past. Even if they were to beachcomber a abracadabra baton and fix every bug in the bold tomorrow, there would still be the absolute absolute achievability of things traveling backwards two patches later.

Bethesda, in adjustment to accumulate me as a abecedarian of Fallout 76 and a chump for your approaching games, you charge to not abandoned fix the game: you charge to authenticate to me that you acquire anchored your action for authoritative abecedarian so I apperceive they will not suddenly breach afterwards on.

This weekend I'll be cashing out my scrip during the purveyor auction and affairs annihilation I don't wish to accumulate for cheap. I'll afresh be demography a breach - Wastelanders ability accompany me back, but in fact what I wish to see is some array of transparency from Bethesda apropos improvements to their plan processes, and several patches in a row afterwards introducing any new above bugs. Just autograph that endure bit makes me fume, because “not breaking accepting you've already beatific to customers” should be a in fact low bar to pass.

I wish to accomplish decisions based on gameplay, not bug mitigation. I'm traveling to go and acquisition some added bold that lets me do that. I animate you all to do the same, because we deserve better.