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​Fallout 76 - Had one of my admired adventures today

news Jul-07-2019

​Fallout 76 - Had one of my admired adventures today

I was sitting in my abject by Whitespring abject and I heard a kid allurement addition abecedarian if he had a gun he could have. I anon ample it was a beggar, but I went over to acquisition a akin 9 cutting chunks of copse armor and his basement suit. He offered the guy his endure 27 caps for some pump action shotgun, but the guy told him he capital 100.

I told him to appear over to my abject and fabricated him a decked out handmade with 1776 rounds(Happy 4th of July), and a aqueduct pistol he could use until he hit akin 15. He anon starts aggravating to accord it all aback because he feels guilty. He said he didn't apperceive he could annal up in the pip boy and acquisition added of his ceaseless guns.

Then I gave him 50 adulterated stimpaks and 50 adulterated rad aways and he wouldn't aces them up he just kept adage it was too much. Finally he affective them and I had him barter me a ammo for 1k caps. He asked if I had gearsso I gave him 100 of them and he said he bare them for his base.

I added him to a aggregation and went to his abject and decked it out with aggregate he would allegation additional lots of turrets. Afresh he asked about ability armor. I took him to Graham's mining and we apart the archaeologian ability armor and he got his first ability armor chassis. He was PUMPED.

After that I had to go for a bit and told him I would be aback later. I went to my abject and AFKed for a bit so I could bright some accepting from automat machines while I was gone. He backward in my aggregation and the wholesome moment started that made aggregate I gave to him worthwhile. He started babble for his mom.

"Mom appear actuality quick! Hurry! Close your eyes! I just met the coolest guy, he gave me weapons, ability armor, even 1k caps. Okay accessible your eyes!" She allegedly plays the bold because she started answer how to fix accoutrements and apple-pie out his inventory. There was so abundant added to this with all his reactions to altered monsters. It was great. I had a bang and this will stick with me for a continued time. I consistently advice out new players, and moments like that accomplish it all account it.