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​Fallout 76 - First annular of nuclear winter

news Jun-11-2019

​Fallout 76 - First annular of nuclear winter

"I anticipate i accord the new approach a try".

...load... "Hey - that loading Icon is different!" ...ing...

"Ok actuality we go...oh a Vault ok. So what i'm accept to - dont bite me fella - do here? Oh heck so abundant association in here."

"seems got a little bit time larboard - Hey! A assistant - STOP PUNCH ME YOU SON OF A BRAHMIN - gonna beachcomber him..."


"Oh what now...Map ok - hmmm so were to go - timer - campmccl..sutto...flatwoo..ohmanidontknowwheretogo..intock..SLOCUMJOES - oh abundant i'm not alone..."


"Stay beneath the radar...two teammates in foreground abreast sutton...good."

"Oh air-conditioned a container"

Container "nice - Stims and a hunting burglarize - and still animate - acceptable start."

"...Steps...waitwoahwait - STEPS!! Ohhhh man a teammate...didn't see him. Anticipate i chase him to the others - just don't fuck it up, breach focused and don't fuck it up. Just don't."

"Oh assistant got two in a row down - so i'm not the aboriginal victim - that's acceptable right?"

"I anticipate i analysis the ambience like the others - adeptness yield a blink in this barn...A PA?! ...Ho ho ho sunshine, were acquire you been so continued eh?"

"Three annual in - animate and geared up. Could acquire been worse...but...what is that crackling noise...RUNRUNRUNRUUUUUUUUN!!!"

"Oof that was close... Adeptness arch with the others over to new river gorge resort."

"Shoots nearby...Carefu...oh bits my assistant is DOWN! GO, GOOO... THERE YOU ARE YOU SCORCHED GUANO!! DIE, DIIIIE, DIIIIEEEE - so fella actuality you go stim is coming... Delay - i dead one!!! I!!! Woah... Dead 1 and adored 1. That could acquire been added embarressing up to now..."

"Woah survived 5 annual wouldn't acquire bet on that. All teammates still in and abandoned 9 larboard in game..."

"Check the map - acquire that amphitheater definetly not accepting abundant smaller...shots...SHOTS - assistant down and addition - there they are!! Oh damn...down. Shit."

"Oh boy... that was an experience. Should accord it addition try soon. Like now..."

Thx Beth, Fallout 76 Items that was a hell of a aboriginal ride and to my teammates in that round, i accomplishment my noob aboriginal try didn't abuse your bout too much.