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​Fallout 76 - Beforehand My GF sucks at this game

news Jul-08-2019

​Fallout 76 - Beforehand My GF sucks at this game

I play with my GF. She's new and lvl 21. Searching for agency to advice accomplish the bold added agreeable for her.

So as the appellation suggests my GF plays the bold with me. She's not abundant of a gamer but from watching me play the bold she best it up. Actuality are a few of the problems in ammo architecture and my suggestions. I assumption I'm in fact searching for others adventures and suggestions to analyze to my adventures to advice her.

I'm lvl 100+ and my gameplay is mostly ability armor and melee/heavy accoutrements so I alone can admonish her on that aspect.

-She can't aim to save her life, accoutrements or melee. Swings in circles and misses all the time. -she about relies alone on VATS no amount the hours she's played.a, She's added of a hoarder and explorer, but if things get asperous she wants courage and survival.

Here are my thoughts:

- Ability armor body T51 for ballistic with a Vampiric amount of blaze minigun, so she can alleviate herself. (No atomic weapons, I've let her use my TSE Shotgun and she kills herself)

- Maybe that Crit auto burglarize vats build? I've apparent it with Unyielding armor... and adaptation perks?

- Aswell apparent ability armor low bloom body breadth beneath 20% she takes alone 1 accident a hit and can use stim packs or accustomed healing

Any account or suggestions guys? I go the abundant acute damaging builds. I just wish her tanky so she dosent die but can still do reasonable damage. Assets aren't an issue, I accept equity, max caps, and a band of clutter items.