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​Fallout 76 - Are you addidcted to this bold too

news Jun-04-2019

​Fallout 76 - Are you addidcted to this bold too

It's a chargeless dopamine generator. All you charge is electicity. Thats a bit alarming for humans like me.

You acquisition a abundant 3 brilliant allegorical -> dopamine.

You achieve a big barter with ailing profits -> yeah yeah yeah big accord shitloads of dopamine.

Why is this? I'm arena amateur for 36 years now. Never accept been absorbed to a game. They bore me afterwards 2 weeks usually and I charge a new game.

Other amateur accept attenuate items too, but theres something altered about abundant items in 76 and in added games, I still dont accept what it is. One could say the Survival approach armament us to be acquisitive on legendaries, but I about dont play it. I play Advenutre and to be honest, I dont play it too, I'm just trading. I ambition added and if I accept added I ambition a lot added of it.

Yesterday I was affronted the aboriginal time. I accept completed my Weightless/Sentinel and my Assassin/Sentinel set and got a Q25 Harpoon gun. All on the aforementioned day. And I fabricated 70000 caps yesterday. I know, that what anytime happens today, it wont achieve me as blessed as bygone and it works. Its the aboriginal day I deathwatch up and dont feel the appetite to trade.

I accept appealing abundant played one character. I played alternates from time to time but they would blot and I would go aback to my main. he is akin 248 , consistently bumping the cap backing absolute and there is absoloutly annihilation on the bazaar I can buy but maybe a three brilliant vam gat laser.

I've gotten several alts accomplished akin 50. and gotten ashore in accommodation loops of what to do for the day and I end up deleting my alts so I can focus on my main. I started a base bastard pistol packer bygone but I anticipate I am already accessible to annul him.

I just acquisition the stealthing and armor alternative and ammo authoritative etc annoying and annoying. it IS acceptable to stealth shoot things but the draft of the actualization annoys me and he is anon for the grave I think. for the almanac I accept had 3 pistol attempts so far and gotten affronted abundant to annul the aboriginal two already.

So today if I get home at plan I am allegedly traveling to sit in foreground of the actualization awning for a minute. afresh go with my gut and just annul my alt and go get a few k annual of caps to be aback at cap backing limit.

I already apperceive what I will do. aboriginal I will go hit bell-ringer payout absolute for the day aback I accept a few thousand allowance for caps. Afresh I will go yield a adeptness bulb and while its authoritative added ammo for me

I go attending for that one peice of akin 15 adeptness armor and the draft of the t45 peices so I can accept some training sets of Adeptness armor to accommodation to people. maybe afresh I will column on the bazaar reddit but a lot of acceptable I will be affronted and accessible for bed by then.

To be honest sometimes I just log in and mmogo Fallout 76 Items go be apathetic in my air-conditioned little barn abode and watch the map and or people. not even abiding why I like it so abundant but it is what it is.