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​Elder Scrolls Blades - What EXACTLY is ES adding

news Nov-27-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - What EXACTLY is ES adding

Math of Enchantment Synergy, and Secondary Armor Perks. Ok, breach questions (and I'm searching at you in particular, O' astute and just EzarethPvP, as I've already apparent your ES copy/paste column on percentiles and net impact) - as I'm aggravating to be methodical about my body - but I can't assume to get numbers to add up.

1) Aboriginal catechism not ES, but still stumped: I accept a abounding set of Daedric Mail. Fire/Slashing Resistance from accomplished Chest, Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots is +17, +8, +7, +6 (total 38) respectively, but my absolute Fire/Slashing Defense in Stats is abandoned 35. Why?

2) My abject bloom (lvl 54) is 690. I accept three Daedric Mail Armor of Peerless Bloom (+160 Chest, +160 Helmet, +132 Boots). Add it all up: absolute bloom with all able should be 1,142 Health. Now:

I accept abounding Enchantment Synergy Abject Upgrade (lvl 2, or 7%). I accept added necks that go up to ES +4.

My LOWEST bloom with no necks that accept ES is 1127 (below what my max bloom should be with all Armor Equipped).

My HIGHEST bloom (with +4 ES Abutting Able and aforementioned armor) is 1160 (only 18pts aloft what it should be afterwards ES added bonus.

I'm artful that ES Rank 2,+4 from Neck, should accord me 160*1.15, +160*1.15, and 132*1.15 = 520). It doesn't assume to be accomplishing that. I'm accepting 470 with the +4 ES neck, if it's 452 WITHOUT the added ES perk. That's a 3.9% gain. Not 15%.

What EXACTLY is ES abacus - and how much? I can't get any numbers to add up to 7% let abandoned 15% (per the rank 2 ES alone, or the Rank 2 with +4 from a neck). It accept to be impacted by ES, because that absolute bloom bulk changes if I about-face out necks.