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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Weapon, Armor, Allure Preferences and Why

news Jul-12-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Weapon, Armor, Allure Preferences and Why

Hi all,

So I am akin 10 artisan and currently architecture a akin 10 alluring belfry (five canicule apparently). My appearance akin is about 49. I currently acclimated a appealing able-bodied choleric daedric longsword with blaze and accept one with frost that's beneath tempered. I accept started appliance both as two handed rather than a shield.

I am currently planning to allure the abounding dragon bowl armor set (already crafted) with the best HP allure and achievement for the spell abide (eventually). I aswell accept a dragon greatsword that I'm traveling to allure to do accident to blocking enemies.

I would adulation to apprehend the thoughts of association who've fabricated it added forth in the bold and accurately what accessory setups they acquisition plan able-bodied in an all about abode (I'm acquisitive to aspersing swapping weapons unless something is broken). I haven't gotten too far in the abysm but the enemies I accept the a lot of agitation with appropriate now are approved lich because of their abracadabra spam as able-bodied as somewhat dremora, decidedly the casters. I am acquisitive already I get spell abide I'll accept an easier time.

So yeah, let me apperceive what you've activate is your a lot of able combination, and why.

For PvE abominably Dragonbone performs ailing in a lot of situations and TESO Blades Gold for sale abnormally in top levels of Abysm (Floor 60>150)

I admonish Daedric Mail bugged with HP and with a mix of accessory enchants of Spell Resist, Elemental Abide if crit Health, PHysical abide if crit bloom and Healing.

+16% account enchant, Slashing/Bashing/Cleaving Abide are non-optimal.

So why the daedric mail over the dragonbone? What's the absolute shortcoming of dragonbone in these instances? Is it a algebraic aspect or just a bulk of absolute to advancement array of thing?