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​Elder Scrolls Blades - The silver chests

news Nov-03-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - The silver chests

Really adequate the game, however, The silver chests are proving the a lot of difficult bang-up in the game.

As I said I've enjoyed the abiding bullwork over a few months. Currently cat-and-mouse on my level9 artisan to adeptness a abounding set of daedric mail and a set of able weapons (the enchanters aswell about to hit 9).

I accept been in fact accession abstracts because I've kept up to date with the posts on this sub assuming just how antic some of the about-face costs are.

However as abundant as I've enjoyed the grind, the advance and the claiming (breaking through levels 30-40 area absolutely rough) the chest arrangement is in fact killing me.

With all the offers to absorb money, I wouldn't bulk they'd advisedly add a 1 hour chest for basically every chance / secrets found. I'm currently sat with a 50 chest accommodation with 34 argent chests.

I apperceive now I should accept been abandonment jobs afore commutual just to get the board ones, but I learnt that too late.

The gold chests don't bother me so much; their rewards can be austere but occasionally I accessible one brief and get a rather acceptable loot.

The argent ones in fact assume too accept worse actual drops than wooden, and I'm currently sat actuality with a abiding 1 hour anxiety on my buzz too accessible these suckers.

Sorry for the continued post, I'm just absolutely balked with the advance on pay to acceleration things up; I get it's a grind, buy ESO Blades Gold but I shouldn't accept to use an accomplishment such as abandonment a job afore I accomplishment it to play smoother. Thoughts?

For the account of it: I'm level46 Breton in abounding Ebon agitation that boneshaver and (choir music) the allegorical achievement Ebony Blade! (Which is underwhelming).