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​Elder Scrolls Blades - On some phones the added u get in Abyss

news Nov-20-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - On some phones the added u get in Abyss

Critical hits success on college akin mobs in Abysm decreasing? Maybe I'm just apperception this, but I consistently get analytical hits auspiciously at lower floors like 55-56, abounding in a row in fact.

Then if I get to my max attic or abutting to it (61 is max for me STILL), I'll appointment a liche or wight and can't assume to get a analytical hit for the action of me while it pummels me with amaze hits over and over afresh and/or blocks every hit no problem.

The bigger problems are liches, wights and even nether liches. Get to a assertive attic and it's like affairs teeth to absolutely get a analytical hit, and you apperceive how they get with amaze blocking. Attic 60-61 Nether Liches are basically searching for one aberration so they can accumulate you stunned, adulteration you and afresh annihilate you if you can't casting RE if you've managed to get them down to analytical bloom afterwards ten account of angry and missing the analytical hits.

It's accessible I just suck, but how am I able to get analytical hits all the time otherwise, but get shut down and blocked like a mofo if I action the aforementioned mobs but college levels?

At atomic the undead cartilage dragon has the address to annihilate me quickly, but I'm accepting absolutely annoyed of angry nether liches at attic 59 for 10 account alone to get dead because I absent the 15th analytical hit in a row.

On some phones the added u get in abysm and the added enemies do, the added lag u get. And added lag = beneath criticals and control. Is that the case?

Yes and no. I've noticed about a one additional lag if I casting Absorb, but that happens generally in jobs too.

The capital affair is that I'm active 55-61 mainly because I can't get accomplished 62 and accept no about-face mats to advance armor (or not abundant of the about-face gems anyway). So I'm abysmal in, but about I'm not traveling absolute abysmal amid my starting attic and if I assuredly die.

I can about yield liches at 55-56, but they are doable, nether liches can be dead at attic 58-59 but the third or fourth one (seriously 4 nether liches per attic is ridiculous) ends up killing me if I'm abashed best than it takes for their spam adulteration to annihilate me (usually if I absence a analytical and they block stun).

I can alone survive so continued missing all these crits as they block and stun, poison, and abrasion me down while my approved hits do so little accident that they regen bloom and prolong the combat.