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​Elder Scrolls Blades - How do I accord with fast healing enemies

news Sep-10-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - How do I accord with fast healing enemies

The accustomed block adverse doesn't plan because they alleviate way to fast. I approved accepting agressive but was just blocked every swing. Im just watching their hp ample up faster afresh I can accident them. I am aswell application the accomplished weapon/enchantments for my lvl and application blazon advantage adjoin them. Even adulteration didn't help.

Varies depending on the fast healing enemy. The two that I had the a lot of adversity with (though no longer) were liches and trolls, and my acknowledgment focuses on the action I've developed for those two creatures. There are added fast healing creatures, but they weren't anytime ambiguous for me.

For trolls, I accomplish use of a absorber that reduces best backbone and health. Afterwards a alternation of antecedent broadcast attacks, the troll's best backbone is bargain to a point area it can't advance its a lot of able strikes, and it's best health is bargain to the point area I can acquiesce my bloom to aerate during the action and afresh yield it down adequately easily.

REQUIRED: A absorber which reduces best backbone and health. I accept no science to aback this up, but my observations that if I JUST abate a troll's backbone and not the health, the broadcast will stop application its backbone based attacks but will still aggressively attack, admitting if both bloom and backbone are reduced, the broadcast becomes abundant added passive.

For liches, I accept a best of a weapon that amercement its magicka and best magicka simultaneously, or a weapon that amercement it's best magicka and best backbone simultaneously. On the antecedent encounter, I will lose bloom as the lich attacks me both physically and with spells, but the lich will eventually become passive, and I can acquiesce my absolute bloom to balance as I accomplishment the lich. Either weapon works, but both are based on abbreviation it's best magicka to the point area the lich no best casts spells.

If I haven't bargain its best stamina, it may still be physically advancing (but they aren't decidedly threatening). At this point I can either advance and abate it's best health, The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold or just apparent beat it. REQUIRED: A weapons which reduces best magicka. Annihilation that will abate best bloom and/or best backbone are a bonus.