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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Enchanting/crafting is the problem

news Sep-04-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Enchanting/crafting is the problem

Enchanting/crafting is the problem; endure weekend's accident just fabricated it acutely obvious.

If it wasn't already accessible from the circadian drove of "should I atmosphere this?" posts, a huge focus of this bold is accepting the appropriate end-game accent for abysmal Abysm runs.

The botheration is that this action is so bedridden by RNG that you are far added acceptable to get affronted and abdicate than you are to acquisition even one in fact accessible account from a boondocks crafter.

Some humans affirmation "this is just Bethesda's way of authoritative players pay money", but they would be mistaken. In fact, that's what makes this even worse.

The accepted arrangement gives aught allurement to pay in. Crafting success cannot be influenced; no bulk of money or abstracts improves your affairs at accepting a adorable craft.

Every adventitious is as accidental as the last, and accustomed the bulk of abeyant outcomes, the allowance are never in your favor.

Bethesda, that is a arrangement that will cede every added update, patch, and play affection extraneous to the abecedarian abject in the continued run. You acquire a analytical bold affection that currently allowances no one - not even yourselves.

While I am abiding there are humans who could advance bigger solutions than I could, I ability advance a arrangement wherein you can access the aftereffect of a ability by application added crafting materials; either by active in mats to get a specific accent enchant, or an "overpay" arrangement breadth you can assemblage abstracts to acutely access the adventitious of bigger enchantments.

Bethesda: I apperceive chump account bigger than you apperceive software. (If that is offensive, get over it and acquire the acumen that Porghvam will impart... or not and abide to alienate a loyal applicant base)

1, Affair an acknowledgment that this accident did not about-face out as accepted for abounding users. Assure us that the acumen for the accident was to inject added fun into the bold (you can lie on that one) and acutely this was not the case for many.

2, Affair some stats about the enchantments done this weekend assuming that either a.) the numbers averaged out or b.)apologize if they did not.

3, Provide an affirmation that the next accident ( that you are alive on now) will be a bigger experience.

4, Accomplish the chargeless account of the day a allegorical chest 3 canicule in a row.