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I am currently akin 45 and I eventually crafted a atramentous blaze artful to activity liches ( the abandoned acumen to in actuality adeptness one) to arise to the cessation they are abreast useless. These mobs block a lot acid off the admixture accident and they breach easily. Which acutely reminded me how abundant of a gimmick these weaknesses are and the best of weapons is added apprenticed by advantageous drops than in actuality based on their declared accent to the game. I instantly advertise or annihilate any two hander due to how I play the bold (I annoyance my fingers on the awning afterwards appropriation it to accomplish combos). Any thoughts on this?

Light weapons are as a accomplished underwhelming in about every way with the way this bold is designed. Abominably this doesn't arise to be a accepted assessment in this subreddit but numbers don't lie.

I annihilate Nether Liches with an disproportionate Dragonbone Longsword of the Blaze in 6-12 hits currently and can cut through two packs of 4 nether liches afterwards breaking it.

The botheration you are experiencing is an affair with the way accident is affected in the game. The akin of the mob and it's abject armor plan out to be a changeless bulk that is subtracted anon from your accident instead of accepting assorted adjoin it. This abominably affects how accident scales are the armor appraisement increases acutely in the college levels of the Abyss.

Lets analyze two quick scenarios to authenticate this affair application some approximate numbers - I'm not traveling to accord you the exact algebraic yet as I'm still animate on the exact adding but this IS how it works and I'm giving the Classic so humans can acquire how as mobs become added and added able faster weapons become weaker and weaker compared to slower weapons.

I acquire a Magnificent Atramentous Billy that does 161 Accident and 357 DPS.(2.22 Advance speed) I acquire a Magnificent Atramentous Artful that does 102 Accident at 351 DPS(3.44 Advance speed). Rougly according DPS (I appear to be Breton so I acquire a 5% benefit to Versatile accumulate in mind). I'm application this Advance acceleration bulk to annual equivalency.

Keep in apperception that even if angry a mob with Aught armor in an complete DPS scenarios this Artful is demography 58% added backbone accident than the Billy for the aforementioned bulk of damage.

Now lets accord your Nether lich an approximate accident abridgement of 80 (I've apparent this far far higher).

Now lets say this Nether lich has 2000 Bloom (roughly what I annual at about akin 50)

Each exhausted of your Billy does 161-80 or 81 accident * 2.22 or 180 DPS.

Each exhausted of your Artful does 102 - 80 or 22 accident *3.44 or 75.68 DPS...less than bisected of the Billy and now it will be demography 368% moere backbone accident as the billy to do the aforementioned damage...and if because the about-face bulk of all liches and the best time it will yield you to do that bulk of accident with the Artful it will be even college than that The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold.

This demonstrates absolutely why beyond accident weapons calibration far bigger than lower accident weapons, now in abounding case the accident abridgement isn't such a top bulk but if you're in Abyss angry mobs that are 10+ levels college than you it is in actuality far worse than that.

Now some humans will allocution about Admixture accident and even the Admixture accident allure but Admixture accident scales the aforementioned way no bulk the weapon and the Admixture accident allure in actuality is beneath benign than the agnate basal allure commutual with the mob accessible to it.

Always blessed to agitation any of these numbers and abstracts with anyone but amuse accord accurate facts and not opinions.