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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Accomplishing a admixture of jobs and abyss

news Nov-24-2019

​Elder Scrolls Blades - Accomplishing a admixture of jobs and abyss

Level 52 at the moment, accomplishing a admixture of jobs and abyss.

I accept abundant of the added assets for now, but no bulk what I do I cannot get atronite at all. I allegation it to accomplish faerite jewelry, and aswell for some upgrades. I never get it from any blazon of chest.

Any advice?

Best adjustment is to acquisition a job that has a mob that drops atronite abreast the alpha (this is the harder part!)

Once you aggregate the atronite, let the next monster annihilate you. If the you died popup window appears force abutting the bold and alpha it again.

When it reloads you should arise about abreast area you died. Track down the monster that dead you and let him do it again. This time bang on the restart button.

Be abiding to annihilate aggregate in the aforementioned adjustment if the aboriginal mob is not the one that does the drop. If you do it out of arrangement the next abundance will not bead anything.

You can accumulate accomplishing this until you get abundant atronite or go crazy with the annoying repetitions:) I managed to acreage 130 atronite afore I couldn't yield it anymore.