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Apr-15-2018 Categories: news

I've just afresh bought CS GO (More cheap CSGO Items). Do you guys acquire any tips for me or recommendations on what to watch on youtube? It would be a big admonition for me.

As for practice, I acclaim downloading all of Crashz' maps. He has a warmup map and a aerosol ascendancy map I acclimated if I was aggravating to get better. Use the aerosol ascendancy map and plan on arrive the m4 and ak sprays for ATLEAST 30 account a day.

Then administer that 30 mins of aerosol training into the warmup on map on the bots. If you feel yourself accepting bigger with the sprays, alter the warmup map to a deathmatch server. I'm talking about a fragshack server or something not a csgo deathmatch server.

As for aggressive play in csgo, the TWO bigger tips I can accord is Communicate and Crosshair placement. If talking to your teammates be calm and accord SHORT AND PRECISE calls. Don't be that guy that ALWAYS rages on the mic afore giving a call.

Rage with your mic off (that's why we acquire beforehand to talk). And for your crosshair placement, accumulate it at arch akin and never acquire it in a wall. Acquire the crosshair at the bend of the bank so if a amateur shows about the bend you can get an simple headshot which not abandoned gives you a faster annihilate but allows your to displace yourself faster to get addition kill. A lot of the bold is abstruse my just playin a lot.

For example, accepting like timings, what angles to hold, if to authority them, how continued to authority them, area humans play, etc.

0w0 acquaint me that...

You should watch some youtubers like WarOwl and 3kilksphilp, who column about CS:GO accepting a lot. Added than that, actualize a warmup accepted afore you alpha arena comp. At atomic convenance your AK and M4 spray. Next, watch or play with players that are abundant bigger than yourself. There are abounding CSGO above re runs on beat and youtube, you can apprentice a lot from pro players just by watching them play. Next, please, for the adulation of god, yield 20 account and airing about anniversary map that's in your que, your gonna charge to apprentice those callouts, like, "at atomic two in lower tuns" or "Last guy is on cat". And don't bawl at your aggregation at the top of your lungs agreeable "OMG HES OVER THERE OVER THERE, KILL EM, KILLL EEMMMM" - That doesn't admonition anyone and doesn't acquaint anyone area the guy is. Lastly, play as a team, CSGO is a aggregation based ballista and your traveling boilerplate with out those four people. This includes aggregation positivity, if there is one acrid gold nova who deranked to argent (again) "because of his team", that accepting may be the one to accompany all of you down with his/her negativity.

Try to break absolute with your teammates even if its 29-0. Also, maybe don't blaze the one accepting whose basal fragging, that's not traveling to admonition that much.

Learn to bureaucracy nades n stuff.

Remember that YOUR money isn't YOUR money, It's your teams and just because you can allow a Autosniper, Deagle, Abounding utility, Kevlar and Helmet, the zues, all at once, does that beggarly you should? NO if you had all that money acquaint your aggregation to buy armour and bead them rifles, buy CSGO Skins and maybe afresh you kids can win a annular or two.

JK just use the noob accoutrements and you'll rank up in NO TIME AT ALL. And blitz B EVERY GODAMM ROUND U SILVER 2.