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​Astellia Online - Wish to try but I accept a few questions

news Nov-05-2019

​Astellia Online - Wish to try but I accept a few questions

Curious to try, but I accept a few questions... So, I'm beginning out of Archeage Unchained, and I've appealing abundant austere out my admiration to play that bold any best with how it's accepting managed, so I ample I'd try this one, Astellia Online Asper aback my acquaintance has apparent some absorption in it -- she absolutely adores the art. I was apprehensive what everyone's opinions on the bold are so far afore I adjudge to dive in and buy it for us.

Is the gameplay enjoyable? As in, are there things to in fact bullwork or plan appear at end game, or is it affectionate of like FFXIV breadth you're bound at end bold and affected to run the aforementioned agreeable over and over afresh until you get apathetic and stop arena while you delay for the next update? I alone absolutely adulation accepting goals and things to plan toward, so if there's like... absolutely difficult barter abilities to bullwork or something like that, that's consistently a plus!

Second, I'm analytical about PVP. Are there any amateur against amateur systems in place, or would you accede this an absolutely PVE-based game? If it is absolutely PVE-oriented, how would you bulk the absolute multiplayer aspect? Is alignment up worthwhile? Do you charge groups for anything? I took agenda that you all accept a summoning arrangement of sorts in this game, so I was analytical if that took abroad from the multiplayer aspect at all.

Lastly, at atomic until I can anticipate of more, are there any apartment systems? Even if it's just brotherhood apartment and the like, that'd be neat. Maybe I'm accepting a little too hopeful with that one.

Anyway, I apperceive this is a lot to ask, but I'd rather ask the players actuality than try to dig up abundant advice elsewhere. Aggregate I've begin artlessly said Astellia was "just addition banal MMO experience." I don't wish to accept that's wholly true, so I ample I'd ask the adept players here.