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​Astellia Online - Treasures

news Nov-26-2019

​Astellia Online - Treasures

After testing during cbt1. An axiomatic blemish came up with the abundance slots.

People accept to accept amid Treasures with stats or an auto auto item. This creates two sides.

People arena with carbon items and humans arena with an auto aces up item.


The Humans arena with carbon treasures in game. Will accept to attempt adjoin an auto boodle system. Hardcore players will wish these added stats for faster clearing. Meanwhile others will be cutting an auto aces up ring that loots all the drops from the party. This can appear anywhere accessible apple mobs etc. Humans with auto aces up items set drops on chargeless approach just to accomplishment this and if you are in a alcove and deceit possibly see that till afterwards you accept to put up loosing your drops with it or lose your alcove admission count. This in turns creates a added baneful community.

This can be anchored by ambience a adjournment on the time the ring picks up treasures in game. About the adjournment still needs to aces up the items if no one abroad has even if you move out of range. Humans aeroplane mobs about to be able at times.


People who play with an auto boodle account on. These humans will aces up drops so fast that others will not accept time to run over and columnist f and lets be absolute actuality you deceit just facetank aggregate or be air-conditioned abutting you will die like that and the ressurection debuff will add up cheap Astellia Online Asper. A lot of humans will be too doughy to yield hits from mobs. This can be anchored by acceptance an added aperture just for the auto aces up ring.

Also humans currently dont apperceive how continued it will yield to get hte ring from the adherence boutique accomplish it apparent in cbt2 or accomplish an advertisement that tells how abundant time it will yield to get the adherence bare to redeem this in game. This will advance your sales and let humans apperceive how important this account is so it will be annual the time spent to fix this.

This can all be anchored by creating a seperate accessory aperture abandoned for the abundance ring item. Aswell ambience a dely on the time the ring picks things up in bold while still acrimonious them up afterwards the dely if you move out of range.