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​Astellia Online - So abundant RNG and beneath Astel progressing

news Nov-15-2019

​Astellia Online - So abundant RNG and beneath Astel progressing

Hallo Together...

I absolutely like the bold because on my assessment it is something new on the bazaar but some decisions accomplish the Humans leave.

1: Why so abundant RNG in this Game? RNG to items, astelpoints, which astel you get, Amor and Weapon improvment, astelcard boxes, questitems Drops. Everywhere is RNG implanted! Why?

2: Do you anticipate if anyone try to Akin up his Weapon and fails added than 12 times and looses 2 mio asper and the weaponmaterial? Do you absolutely anticipate that this Man is enjoing the bold at this Point? Arena 1 anniversary to accrue all things and than Nothing? As i said i like the bold but at this Point i absolutely capital to abdicate the game. But atm there is no added bold out for me what is account arena it.

3: Why is it so difficult to accord the Amateur in Dungeons 30 Astelshards anniversary boss? Tickets are already bound so why alone 10 shards anniversary boss. The feeled Advance is far to low and the astels beneath 4 brilliant far to weak. The bigger Affair in this bold (the Astels) you should plan with it and accompany the Humans to the Point that they wish aggregate it, Astellia Online Asper but if you accomplish feeled Advance in Terms of Astels absolute low than you abort your own gamestructure. And RNG is not reliable and arresting is the result.

At the Paytowin Adaptation some balked Humans buy Astel boxes to feel blessed at this Point but in the non paytowin Version, balked Humans just leave.