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​Astellia Online - Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

news Nov-01-2019

​Astellia Online - Poor Targeting mechanics needs addressing

This bold has the affliction targeting arrangement I've acclimated in any MMO. Auto-targeting with Tab generally has a non analytic result. Aswell if I attack to bang via abrasion generally one has to bang a few times on a mob to get it to register.

Even if it does administer to highlight a mob called either of these ways, it generally deselects for in fact no acumen at all consistent in some not so nice words from my mouth.

Senario: Soloing through Lagash, I accept a rat agro me and afresh a gargole with 2 little rats. I columnist tab it baddest one of the little rats. If I abide with my aoe freezing and nuking it'll not be appealing as the little rat will accept died bound and afresh I charge addition of the targets for my next spell of best to in fact fire. In what analytic faculty would the bold baddest for me acute the ol' faithful* tab to baddest an Earth totem at my 160 amount bend off my appearance of sight!

This is one of hundreds of sad contest during my time with Astellia.

The abide 2 canicule it's in fact been harder advancing aback into the bold afterwards aswell arena AAU area the targeting simply... works. I've played appealing abundant every MMO aback eq1 '99 and I'm abiding abounding of us have.

I don't anamnesis any of them abrogation me this puzzled and affronted over targeting.

If I accept a brace of mobs on me, the mob I accept called is about to die which would aftereffect in my spell not animate by the time it goes off due to that mob accepting asleep but the others accepting actual abundant alive.

The abide affair I wish if I columnist Tab to hopefully baddest a mob with added bloom points, is it selecting a FRESH new mob off far abaft me off my appearance of advertence to aswell accompany it into the mix.

There's an advantage aural targeting 'Only Auto ambition affianced enemies'. YES, this would be a nice thing, but it artlessly is broken, it does not! work. Nor does bend foreground option.

I actively achievement you apperceive of this affair and you're accomplishing something about it. It's such a abundant bold with so abundant abeyant for the approaching but Astellia Online Asper, If the targeting arrangement charcoal how it is for too abundant best I and conceivably others with achromatize abroad from the bold and acquisition something else.