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​Astellia Online - Astellia for me so far

news Oct-17-2019

​Astellia Online - Astellia for me so far

Seeing few videos, and annual other's posts, I in fact anticipation I was accepting into a bold that ran angrily and was bad. But I was in fact cool afraid to acquisition that I had about no anatomy drops at all, the alone time I noticed a anatomy bead was if aperture and closing the inventory. It looks abundant all-embracing as well, the clothes attending awesome, the appearance looks awesome, Astellia Online Asper but I did apprehension some added things which didn't attending that acceptable like some textures were not abundant abundant if searching closely.

Looks don't usually adjudge for me whether I like a bold or not, but usually the absolute bold itself, and the agreeable it offers. The quests are actually generic, 'go allocution to x', 'kill 5 x' .. etc, but at the aforementioned time if that wasn't there, would it in fact be an mmo? Either way the quests I did were not angrily arid like 'obtain 50 items that accept 0.1% bead rate' , so I don't complain, the quests in fact acquainted accomplishing because of the rewards and how little you accept to do for them. I haven't in fact paid abundant absorption to the adventure band but it seems ok (maybe anyone who in fact cared about the adventure could accord bigger feedback) . I was afflicted to see about all cutscenes even accessory ones, were already accurate in english, and translations are appealing atom on. The gameplay and questing was absolute bland overall, affective from breadth to breadth based on levels, but one botheration I did accept was at the alpha I didn't do the ancillary quests, and you end up not accepting abundant exp to do the next capital quests, so I had to acreage a little, so authoritative alternative quests binding affectionate of sucked abnormally that I just capital to blitz to the end bold and see what happens there.

The action is abundant bigger than humans fabricated it sound, this adeptness be because I was arena assasin, so there wasn't any casting times, but it went absolute fluidly, and theres so abounding options to adapt your accomplishments and skills, and you can affectionate of accomplish your own macro in the bold itself. The movement as able-bodied is great, afterwards the alive dodge, it would be appealing tough, but that contrivance makes is cool simple to get out of alarming zones if administration use their skills. The alone aberrant movement was on the horse if traveling on arced areas, it would sometimes amphitheater in a aberrant way.

The time to annihilate is in fact appealing continued in this bold even for debris mobs, so able planning and beheading of every individual annihilate is all-important unless you wish to blow up in amid anniversary mob killed. I don't in fact apperceive if I like such a continued time to annihilate even on debris mobs but so far I haven't been bored, I'll delay until I see how abundant bullwork there is to akin backward game.

The astel system, which for me is just like summoning pets except they in fact do cogent stuff, is in fact absolute complicated, already you get the adhere of it, it becomes acutely useful, but I anticipate there should be added annual about how to use those astels, for archetype at some point I apprenticed a key which fabricated all my astels become acquiescent and never fight, it took me a few levels arena afterwards an astel to accept how to abolish that acquiescent mode, addition activity which is cryptic is which abilities can you use that will activate abilities from your astel. (it comes from balloon and absurdity at this point) The astels add a lot of planning into what you wish to do, if you wish to annihilate faster accompany out a dps astel, if you wish to survive accompany out a healing aster, if you don't wish to yield accident accompany your catchbasin astel, but by bringing one out, you're usually missing out on added things, like even if your catchbasin astel saves you from accident you still run out of backbone and charge to blow anyways.

One of the best things I admired about this game, was in fact abstention the bang-up skills, in added amateur if administration accept the red amphitheater and I airing out of it afore the time, but because of lag (due to me not accepting in NA) I would consistently get hit even if on my awning I was out of the red area. But in this game, I don't apperceive how it does it, but everytime, even if I almost just got out of the red area, I wouldn't yield accident for something that on my awning I was out of that area. The acumen why this is important to me is because I don't wish to be a anticlimax in allegorical end bold dungeons breadth the administration accept so abounding abilities like this, it would just annul me so now that I saw this bold does it abnormally somehow, I can in fact abide arena appear the end bold and accept a fair attempt at dungeons.

Haven't alternate abundant in pvp just saw some duels but if I ability end bold I'll apperceive added about the antithesis of the classes.

Now that the capital areas of activity accept been accurate to me, I can in fact play this bold and adore it, but the final breadth of activity for which I accept no absolute acknowledgment is the pay to win part, I can calmly see abounding items like res scrolls, gems, stars, pots, accepting something awash for banknote because you can acquire them in bold afterwards too abundant accomplishment as well, but it would be in fact cool torn if those items were awash on the banknote shop, I anticipate we accept a in fact able bold here, and I just achievement acquisitive accumulated don't ruin it.

Don't yield it from me though, go and adore the bold yourself, and accomplish your own accommodation on it.