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​Astellia Online - Artifice needs a nerf/rework

news Nov-07-2019

​Astellia Online - Artifice needs a nerf/rework

For PvP. Abnormally assassins and archer classes. They're able to accomplish too top artifice with actual little effort. I apperceive humans with 1600+ artifice after breaking a diaphoresis and some accept about 2k. It's Extremely torn in pvp considering you accept aliment that can accession you 20+% and no approved accurateness aliment to action this.

Accuracy is actual harder to get even in abounding runes. You would charge accursed abreast abounding absolute accurateness carbon accessory + runes to be able to attempt with it and even afresh - you're still traveling to absence humans with about 2k or over, evasion. Not to mention there are trinkets that added accession evasion of Astellia Online Asper, add in 2 of those, that's accession 10+ % it gets absolutely antic fast - abnormally because the chic change buffs on top of this.

There needs to be added means to get accurateness as able-bodied or they charge to acutely abate these classes bulk of artifice attainable. I accept assassins and archers are declared to be evasive, that's allotment of their defences - and I get that, that's fine. Accord them some buffs or something that endure a few aberrant accomplishment astute but don't accomplish it to area they're consistently accursed abreast absurd to touch.

Right now on boilerplate i'm seeing archers and assassins with 9-10kish hp which is already appealing tanky - add that to their calmly accessible artifice appraisement and mitigated dmg from +'d accessory Plus skills, they accept waaaay too abundant survival.

Most amateur accept it to area assassins are stick and move bolt you off bouncer bear top dmg and get out. Not actuality for sure.

The classes charge to be taken waaaaay down, period. Even with archer astel buff, I'm about extensive 1k accurateness (this is with mostly accurateness carbon gear+runes) but you accept classes that can calmly access accursed abreast godly cachet if you can't blow them.

Come Avalon these classes will be baron if there is no way to action it. They'll in actuality be able to sit in the average of the opposing band and aces humans off. LOL. Even in arena, I've appear beyond said classes that were not even "skilled" to say the least, but are able to assemblage artifice so top no one can annihilate them.

It's absolutely trivial. If you disagree with this you're either A: 1 of the culprits that are aggravating to break "OP" or B: don't pvp at ALL. It is actual bright that this is a huge affair because this amateur capital advertisement bolt was its Avalon based "large" calibration pvp - the alone affair that fabricated it somewhat absorbing and stick out from the others. Amuse abode this affair asap.