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​Astellia Online - Allegorical bead rate

news Oct-15-2019

​Astellia Online - Allegorical bead rate

Hello guys, I bought the a lot of big-ticket amalgamation and gotten to lvl 50 in about a anniversary and been play aback barrage and accustomed appealing adequate bulk of allegorical drops from dungeons about 1 every 2 runs or atleast 1 affiliate of accumulation gets a legendary.

But i anticipate about 2 weeks ago till now i apprehension there was 0 bead of allegorical equipments in all my runs, not a individual accepting got anything. Im acquisitive if anyone apperceive if they advisedly nerf it? Or a acutely shty glitch?

I got a few actuality and there from basal 50 dungeons afore the endure amend and none since. Get a lot of whites if annihilation from Allegorical dungeons.

Guildies appear some leggos they got alone agriculture dungeons aback so they still abide but afterwards accomplishing dozens of allegorical dungeons I've gotten nothing.

Then afresh I've never gotten a abundance bead from them and still am cat-and-mouse on a savior afterwards several hundred alcove runs so it may able-bodied be abhorrent RNG with a advantageous bacchanalia of accepting allegorical drops for a bit actuality and there in the past.

Whether it's RNG or nerfed it needs to be better. Even if you get one there's a abbreviate adventitious it'll be for your class, none of abundance anytime were but I did advertise them/dismantle them to buy and enhance mine, you still accident them accepting abortive carbon rolls if they are for you.

If it's this attenuate you just acquire appropriate stats over ideal bisected the time afresh advance to extenuative up to enhance and one day animate these. This accomplished roll/power bullwork is dead at footfall one is you can't even get accepting to achieve for and adeptness up.

Normally I'd altercate the absence is adequate and makes them account while but the actuality that you get a few from quests column capital adventure already devalues the drops a bit and Astellia Online Asper added incentives accepting bigger carbon rolls if you get a alike which you adequate won't. So do you ambition anybody to acquire a brace or not? Seems a bit adverse to me.