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​Astellia Online - Alcove Mechanics

news Oct-31-2019

​Astellia Online - Alcove Mechanics

Curious if in the approaching you could advance the way you do the bang-up mechanics.

It's the times some of them go allowed and do their little bruised mini cut-scene like animations that splits the artisan after-effects of the fight.

Have some go transparent, teleport to a ledge, couch into the ground, put a arresting absorber about them or something if they do their cup of tea moments. Anything's bigger than how it is atm.

It's just in fact disengaging if all of a abrupt we apart our ambition and affected to abide their little play affectation while we dabble our thumbs.

Especially sometimes if the bang-up in fact is assuming Zero bloom but still accustomed on.

Think it's the ol' spamming of the tab and/or abrasion button on the bang-up cat-and-mouse for that moment one can in fact ambition them already afresh and abide killing them that gets me missing added alcove runs from added mmos.

I acquisition myself absolution out in fact an aural beef at times.

Yea, Aboriginal apple problems but, just a advancement as in accomplishing the dungeons so abounding times, over and over again.

It's just an eye rolling moment that Astellia Online Asper with a little tweaking the accomplished alcove acquaintance would feel so abundant better.

Perhaps others may accept some added issues or suggestions.