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RuneScape's RunePass Update And Views

Jul-04-2018 PST

Jagex, you wish to effective acknowledgment on RunePass & alone MTX? Here you go. Real allocution on MMOGO.COM.

A little bit about me so you can accept breadth I am advancing from. I'm a amateur of 15+ years. I am maxed, accept several 200m skills, etc. I am apparently too absorbed to quit. I adulation abounding aspects of RuneScape. You get the idea. Point is, I'm invested in this game.

I apperceive you wish a shitpost appropriate now, but here's my 18-carat thoughts on assorted MTX models in RuneScape.

Now, I do acquirement some MTX. I'm not a bang by any amplitude of the imagination. I accept alone purchased membership, arch club, and runecoins for corrective apparel that I like (and I am absolute picky, so there aren't abounding I enjoy.) and runecoins for coffer amplitude & some allegorical pets. I don't acquirement exp lamps, I haven't purchased runepass, nor do I intend to unless some above changes happen. Before I get into what those changes are I wish to acquaint you my thoughts on anniversary of the MTX models in the game, (If I abandoned one, let me know).

Solomon's Store, the abundance is clunky, the interface needs to be updated. Part of why I don't appointment the abundance as generally as I like is because it is a assignment to use. I animosity it a lot and I am acquainted that I accept the advantage to attending at items in game, but for whatever acumen I still adopt the web store. I aswell don't acquirement as abounding cosmetics as I would like to because a lot of the apparel artlessly don't clothing my tastes. I acquisition a lot of them to be absolute tacky.

I accept you can't baby to my whims if it comes to the accountable of "taste" but that isn't the alone acumen befitting me from absent to buy added corrective apparel for my amateur character. The capital acumen for me is that the amateur appearance archetypal is absolute anachronous and absolute ugly. And your apparel absolutely can alone attract me so abundant if the appearance archetypal looks so horrendous. I anticipate you would do abundant bigger if it comes to Solomon's abundance if the appearance archetypal in fact looked good.

This is why I adopt to buy assertive pets. Because pets tend to attending beautiful or air-conditioned to me. I wish to buy them if things attending good. I accept you would accept added success with Solomon's abundance if you amend the amateur kit.

Small ancillary note: Hairstyles got brought up in today's stream. There are alone 10 accessible hairstyles for changeable and macho characters (each). I accept you accept underestimated how badly players wish new hairstyles in this game. A lot of humans abrasion the aforementioned ones. (I in fact adopt Hell's point) but really, this is an beginning area. Can you at atomic TRY to put some new ones out and see how able-bodied they do? Additionally, while I don't alone affliction for them awakening overrides are something the association continuously asks for. Humans in fact are allurement for you to yield their money and you about-face them away? How does to accomplish any sense?

Last thing, you charge to abode the bulk of presets and activity confined and coffer space. Abnormally presets, way too expensive.

Treasure Hunter, the big one, let's get this over with. I don't like boodle boxes that accept exp in them. Obviously, like a lot of players, I am traveling to use my chargeless keys or becoming keys, because who's not traveling to affirmation chargeless exp? That's an unrealistic apprehension to accept of people. That said, I'm maxed, I don't absolutely affliction all that abundant about 120 or 200m exp in abilities or their corresponding capes, so exp absolutely has little acceptation to me. That said, you accord out such antic amounts of exp that I accept several 200m abilities and 120 abilities anyhow after absolutely even trying. So if I almost even accept to try to get exp back there is so abundant chargeless exp, why would I buy TH keys for exp if it is so advisedly available? That said, I am not adage I acquired all of that exp from TH solely. Some of that is from absolute training, some of it is from added exp ante in the game, some of that is from abstruseness boxes from events, and added assorted sources. All of those factors considered, it is no admiration that exp is appealing absurd in the game.

I do like boodle boxes that accept cosmetics. There are abounding amateur I play that do corrective alone lootboxes and they don't bother me at all. I like it if boodle boxes are earnable in bold (obviously at a abundant slower bulk than if you buy them beeline out.) Attending at amateur like Overwatch, they do a abundant job of this.

Runemetrics & Abundance Evaluator, I don't use them, but I see its annual in some regards. For me, its not advantageous abundant and not absolute abundant if there are added chargeless agency to get the advice I charge on third affair websites. That said, I still accept a slight admiration to buy them, but I accept never pulled the trigger. Accomplish of that what you will. I accept added to say on Runemetrics and Abundance Analyzer if I get to the affair of Runepass. Small little note, accord every amateur a 1 anniversary or 2 anniversary chargeless balloon of Runemetrics & Analyzer and if that balloon is over players will apperceive what they are or aren't missing. Perhaps if we are accustomed a aftertaste of what activity with them is like we can accept if that is something we wish in our every day RuneScape life.

Bonds, I anticipate bonds accept benefited a lot of players. They accept a history that has abstemious RWTing and the botting problems in the game, I am beholden for that. They aswell advice poorer players to pay for associates and added things for free. Obviously, humans can buy GP by purchasing bonds and again affairs them, but that is a necessarily angry in some respects and you would accept to acquirement an atrocious bulk of them to buy all of the a lot of aristocratic gear, so I am not too agitated about it. I don't anticipate they should go anywhere and I anticipate bonds are in a absolutely adequate spot. Don't change anything.

Premier Club, Obviously, our grandfathered associates ante are a botheration for Jagex, but I did still acquirement Arch club for a few reasons: Loyalty points, The Vault, The aura, the "exclusive updates" that appear in the anatomy of an annual that grants you an aboriginal advantage from the Vault guardian. E.G. The Stalker gland, etc. I did not acquirement arch club for the added circadian key or the discounts or VIP forum, apple access, or babble badges. Those are abortive to me.

I accept almost few gripes about arch club. It's a adequate way to get some of us out of our granfathered rates. Arch club starts searching beneath adorable if Runepass comes into play, so you accept to accede that Runepass makes Arch club associates feel beneath VIP. Gold Arch is meant to accomplish you feel like you're traveling to get admission to "everything", if that makes sense? Runepass feels a lot like addition arch club in some ways.

Membership, It makes a lot of faculty alone if updates are consistently top superior and frequent. This ages feels so ablaze that it feels like we're paying a lot of money for so little superior and quantity. We do not pay associates to accept MTX updates about yield abode of agreeable updates. It feels like we're paying money to accept the advantage to be subjected to advertisements and MTX and it feels abnormally acerb if associates has risen in amount recently.

Loyalty Points, (Not mtx but seems accordant in this discussion) You got to fix this. You apperceive what needs to be fixed. It needs to be a priority. Added association accept acquaint abounding times about this so I will not bombinate on too continued about it. But in short, it feels like a arrow in the ancillary of players rather than a benefit for accepting advancing associates like it originally acquainted like if it came out. Rework it or get rid of it. Figure it out.

What changes would charge to appear (for me personally) in adjustment for me to buy into Runepass? I would accept to see the abatement of either annual associates or the abatement of Abundance Hunter AND accident abstruseness boxes that you get from contest like Agents of Fury.

RunePass, I in fact adulation Runepass over TH. I am absolutely tempted to buy it in amateur like Paladins or Fortnite, etc. I like the activity of earning the rewards, but the "battle pass" archetypal alone seems to accomplish faculty to me in a F2P game, RuneScape is not alone f2p. You charge to abode this as appropriate now it just seems as addition money grab and the added MTX you currently accept in fact HURTS Runepass. For me, it seems every way you attending now there is a MTX paywall. You charge to trim an MTX in adjustment to add one. You've hit that beginning of what humans acquisition acceptable.

I adulation the abstraction of Runepass accepting corrective only. I feel like it is a bigger archetypal of MTX than the apathetic architecture of aperture up lootboxes or in TH's case, abundance chests. I acknowledge the architecture of Runepass added than I do Abundance Hunter. If you can do the battlepass archetypal bigger than added gaming companies, go for it. Accumulate it RuneScapey though.

In adjustment to accomplish Runepass added adorable I anticipate it should cover Runemetrics & the abundance evaluator. Runepass should enhance your acquaintance of the bold and chargeless Runemetrics and a abundance analyzer would advice me get that experience.

You aswell charge to abode the timegate with Runepass. It should be analytic achievable to get all the tiers and all the rewards aural the time absolute of the season. Acquisition a atom player's feel adequate with. 2 weeks is aswell a absolutely abbreviate season, it needs to be best IMHO. I would rather see it on a annual or even bigger a melancholia abject (3 months, E.G. Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer.) I beggarly it declared to be a division canyon right? Why isn't it angry to what a division in fact means? If you accept too accelerated of a cycle, it feels like we're accepting gouged way too generally for money.

I'll add added thoughts on Runepass if they occur, but I'll blanket this up now.

Final Thoughts, in an ideal world, I would adopt if RuneScape didn't accept MTX, but I am not delusional abundant to anticipate that will happen. So I am not traveling to action that battle. But accumulate in apperception Jagex, bisected of the abuse over MTX is because crosses the band and the added bisected is if your updates aren't of top abundant superior AND common abundant it absolutely ticks off chump if you ask them for added money if they feel they aren't accepting the amount of what they are ALREADY paying for. And for this ages in accurate we feel like we are paying for 1 solid amend (Elite dungeons), 2 acquired contest (the bank & annual aegis anniversary with Count Check), 1 new accident that is absolutely MTX (Runepass), and Ninja updates (which while we adore them absolute much RuneScape gold, are the abject akin apprehension to accumulate the bold healthy.

So a lot for you to bite on. Please accomplish some changes to your bold SOON and not Soon™.