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Jun-27-2018 PST
Categories:path of exile

Note: Just about path of exile guide, maybe you need it, pls tell us.

I'd column a 1st amend on my levelling with this character. Currently alone 47, but anticipation it ability be advantageous to others if I column now afore I overlook what I did.


I levelled with frost blades until 38, and swapped to Reave at the point I got Multi-strike.

All accomplished to this point. Frost blades is simple to akin with due to the ambit you can accumulate - Reave is up abutting and claimed so there is added crisis of a one shot, or if you get afflicted with accurateness and absence a few times (and again end up with no mana). I'm softcore ... I anticipate if I was Hardcore I'd maybe accept ashore to frost-blades a bit longer.


I don't accept tabula rasa, so application ASHREND, as it adds akin 10 blaze damage. Application the links as in the OP. Also swapped to MORTEM MORSU if I got the barb nodes. Also bare accessory with +INT and +STRENGTH as I wasn't accepting abundant from the tree.


As recommended, I went aboriginal to SPIRIT VOID. Didn't bother with VITALITY VOID as it acquainted like I didn't charge it with frost blades. I again headed to the appropriate ancillary of the timberline - demography aboriginal the 3 activity nodes (HERBALISM), and again branch larboard from there to yield FINESSE and ASPECT OF THE LYNX. I again rushed up to the barb nodes at the far appropriate of the tree, and already I had SOUL RAKER I took the credibility out of SPIRIT VOID and acclimated them appear CLAWS OF THE MAGPIE. I again took the activity nodes to the larboard of the claws array (BLOOD DRINKER). I've aback added the added activity nodes on the aisle (THICK SKIN and GOLEM'S BLOOD). I'm about to alpha abacus the crit nodes next, or maybe the JEWEL nodes. I don't accept any appropriate jewels .. but maybe for a few anarchy I could add some +6% activity and accident as well, so that ability be better. I'll see :)


I took conquistador first, as I absolutely wish aces foe 2nd. Not accepting to anguish about accurateness is a appealing big accord if we charge to hit to get aback life/mana, so that's my focus. Not abiding if that's a aberration ... but it's what I've absitively to do.

Any comments - or mistakes I've fabricated - pls analysis here. Thank you for reading and know about mmogo poe currency.