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New Class Arrives For Console Players: Gunner

Jun-27-2018 PST

Thanks for the new TERA arrival class both on Xbox One and Playstation 4, Tera console players are able to take on big ass monsters with big ass gun.


As a high damage class in the game, Gunners are with run and gun tactics and cool new weapons. Players will never been so satisfied in action combat.

What if there is no character slot to play the new class?

Don’t worry.From now through July 22nd.A free character slot will be gifted to every console player when they logging in the game.Exclusive costumes and weapon skins will be gifted to new guunners if they are able to hit level 65 before end of the event.

Here are some basic informations about class Gunner:

Battlefield-clearing Attacks

Powerful AoEs let the gunner take out hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.

Big-Ass Guns

Arcannons are huge weapons with huge damage potential. Never settle for something small when you can go big!

Summoned Constructs

Never fight alone! Place a turret to cover one end of the battle, and have your HB heal you as you run to the other!

Heavy Armor

The gunner is equipped to do more than just dish out damage from range, she can also stand on the front lines and punish foes up close and personal!

65 Levels of Awesome

The gunner is available to castanic and high elf females at character creation.

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