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MMOGO Fortnite Facebook Group Giveaway

Aug-04-2018 PST

Welcome to Join MMOGO Fortnite Group: FortNite Save The World (MMOGO)

The Correct link here you go: https://bit.ly/2Od4r8n

Join MMOGO Fortnite Group to win Grave Digger-5 Stars-Maxed (Fire), MMOGO Extracts 10 Lucky ones weekly to do 10*Grave Digger-5 Stars-Maxed (Fire) Giveaways!

To win this Giveaway, firstly complete the following Tasks:

● Join MMOGO Fortnite Group to be a member: https://bit.ly/2Od4r8n
● Post in the Group and share some any interested things such as Gameplay or Shopping Joy on MMOGO.

We'll publish the 10 members who win the Giveaways weekly, then Do PM through Facebook to let the members to pick up trade from us.

Congradulations! First Week Winners List as below: