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Look Back RuneScape and Prospect RuneScape Mobile

Jun-28-2018 PST

Look Back RuneScape

I believe that RuneScape is not a strange game to all players all over the world. Let’s look back RS firstly. The first public version of RuneScape was released in January 2001 in beta form, with Jagex as its copyright holder being formed later that year. As the game's popularity grew, the game engine was rewritten and released as RuneScape 2. The third iteration of the game, known as RuneScape 3, was released in July 2013. I am here sure that all of you have deep memory in the RS Gold and RS item free trade released in November 2010, when lots of RS Players are almost crazy. And that also means RS Free trade open was a correct decision by Jagex did.

With the development and progress for many years, RuneScape has been the King game in many players heart already. You know RS has member and non-member difference in this game. Runescape membership currently costs $8 per month, or $40 for six months if you're committed and want to save a few bucks. Then why plenty of RS players choose to buy members for their own account. There are several reasons as below:

1. Members area has a lot of content to explore, more skills to train & more quests to do, as well as lots of mini games and other perks.

2. Being a member allows you to level way faster and make RS Gold way faster. So if you're able to, you probably should.

3. Take the advantage of the premier club while it's here. The moment you become a member, you've got access to faster money and XP. Might as well get the goodies while you can.

4. Definitely, members will unlock so much more and make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Most of the time, you as a Runescape investor, not only do spend money in buying RS Membership but also buy RS Gold from some popular and reliable websites. Then why should we buy OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold in our playing RS Life?

1. Because it saves you a lot of time on earning coins. Rs gold is the most important currency in the game, you can buy weapons and items from the GE. The price of rs gold is very cheap, so I think buying rs gold is a much wiser idea than grinding. I recommend RsGoldFast, because they sell legit gold, you don’t need to worry about getting banned.

2. If anyone really wants to become the winner of Runescape games but facing a lot of difficulties. Buying RS gold makes everything easier during the whole play. Being a player of those games I am quite aware of the difficulties which a player have to face when there is insufficient gold. When I was a newbie at this game got the suggestion from my cousin who had been engaged playing that for a long time. Seriously, it’s a nice deal for me where I got all my willing fulfilled to become the winner and stay there for a long time. Make sure not to make this your habit because it’s completely against the rule.

3. During your playing Runescape 2007 and RS3, you have to buy Runescape Gold to buy equipment and weapons to improve yourself. Surely you should choose Rsgoldfast.com to buy RS07 Gold and RS3 Gold. Year after year, Rsgoldfast store always sells the cheap OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold to Runescape members.

Prospect RS Mobile

As we all know that RuneScape will soon be available on mobile devices. That's right - RuneScape. The game you know and love, on your phone or tablet, with a Mobile-Optimised interface and cross-platform play between mobile and desktop versions.

Then what is RS Old School Mobile?

Old School Mobile is exactly as it sounds. It's Old School RuneScape on a mobile device. Development is currently ongoing and it is a obvious trend to develop it to Mobile which is being used by 90% people in the world.

When will RS Old School Mobile be released finally?

We have not heart any news about the estimated time of Runescape Mobile release right now. But Please keep your eyes on our website game information and news, we will post and inform all players in advance if any release news about this.

How to be chosen to in the closed Beta if I want to join?

Since the announcement of Mobile, there have been periods in which players were able to sign-up for participation. In these sign-ups, players will fill in the name of their RuneScape account and the mobile device they have access to. There are no current plans to re-open sign-ups to allow new players to participate, or to allow players to update their information. If any more information, Rsgoldfast will inform all.

How much will the application cost?

Old School Mobile will be free to install and to use. You will need Membership if you want to access Members-only worlds.

Do I need a new RuneScape account to play Old School Mobile?

It's the same game, on the same worlds, using the same accounts. You don't need to create a new account, unless you want to!

There is no doubt that RS Mobile is the development and extension of PC Runescape, they are connected and related. Many people may misunderstand that RS Mobile is a new game or another game. No, you are false! Runescape Mobile is a definitely worth playing game, and we are sure that more and more features will be upgraded and you will be more excited to play this game in Mobile Device.

At the same time, we also have confidence in trusting that RS players will be double increased than when it is not RS Mobile is not released. Therefore, RS Mobile Gold demand will be double increased also. Rsgoldfast will keep supplying Runescape Mobile Gold like doing RS Gold supply right now. We hereby promise that all RS Mobile players can buy the cheap RS Mobile Gold from our website and get the best service as always.

From MMOGO Team