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  • ​MapleStory 2 - What is agreeable like in thi ...

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    I played the aboriginal beta and got to 50, but it acquainted like while a lot of the amusing aspects of the bold were abundantly fleshed out the PvE gameplay larboard a lot to be desired. I was apprehensive if gearing up Maplestory 2 Mesos was a cool big allotment of the bold and there were lots of crazily able ... [...]

  • ​RuneScape - Accepting faster at Rax

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    About 130 KC, PR is 4:26 with melee. I wish to apprentice how to get faster though. I assumption top aisle is usually the fastest? My PR was done with mid but my circling feels kinda all-a-quiver abnormally on Appearance 4. For reference, I'm maxed with scythe + drys + t90 armour, but I do abridgement t99 prayers, t9 ... [...]

  • ​POE - I was not accessible for Uber Elder

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    First, guardians acquire NOTHING to do with accepting able to do Uber Elder. I did all 8 guardians afterwards dying, accomplishing the mechanics, etc etc. All good, even brought a acquaintance a continued in 2 of the ancient fights, izi. Problem with Uber Ancient (and pro's apperceive this already, the column is fabr ... [...]

  • ​FortNite - Is the accomplishment gap too top ...

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    Back in analysis 3/early analysis 4, I'd be able to hop on and win a few solos no problem. I'd be able to play squads with a few mates, acquire fun and win that array of thing. All good. Appear aback during analysis 5, and it's just crazily difficult to even put out constant kills let abandoned appear top 10 in a abandoned ... [...]

  • ​Madden - Anybody feel like some authorizatio ...

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    Went into the playoffs with a 90/90 all-embracing team, #3 aegis and #2 offense. Aboriginal bold is adjoin the 80 all-embracing Redskins with Alex Smith(3500yards, 60%, 30tds,15 ints...) and a basal 5 defense/bottom 10 offense. Thought I had it in the bag, Smith proceeded to bandy for 400yards, 5tds, with a 151 passe ... [...]

  • ​NBA 2K - Can we amuse allocution about Aggre ...

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    I play with 5 or 6 buddies of abundance and one of the bigger bold modes we play is aggregation ProAM. 2k17 and 2k18 aggregation ProAM was our go to bold mode. Lately, we all can't get on at the aforementioned time. So WHY IN GODS NAME DID 2K REQUIRE 5 HUMAN PLAYERS TO START A GAME? I bought the aboriginal cop ... [...]

  • ​MLB - What is your analogue of asleep game

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    If we attending at just ranked seasons, there is still a appropriate playerbase out there. Each standings page shows 18 users, afresh you just accumulate by how anytime abounding pages there are. It's not an exact science unless you wish to aeon to the actual end for the actual bulk in anniversary division. Be my bed ... [...]

  • FIFA - Massive bold ruining bug

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    Just played a bold on FUTDraft and had this appear to me. Mid way through the aboriginal bisected I got a beeline red, appropriately so for a accouterment if he was through one on one. This meant I abandoned had 1 CB. I paused the game, brought addition on for a striker and swapped them about so I was aback to ... [...]

  • ​NBA Live - Any admonition for accepting better

    Sep-22-2018 Categories: news

    Anyone abroad accepting agitation arena aegis and rebounding? I feel like I acquire a adequate feel for the abhorrent ancillary of things, but I feel like I cannot get a arresting stop to save my life. And if I do they just get the backfire and an accessible layup. Any admonition for accepting better? At this ... [...]

  • ​MapleStory M - Nexon Just Seems To Accommoda ...

    Sep-21-2018 Categories: news

    I am absolutely aghast in the poor superior of the bold that Nexon has provided to the masses. If this is the superior that it's accustomed in the approaching with no improvements, I may actual able-bodied just abdicate the game. There are too abounding bugs or "human errors" in the game. And accepting aliment consis ... [...]