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Power leveling Policy

To protect our company and our customers for security reason, we'll confirm your your payment details through Verbal verification, which maybe include phone call verification. Your transaction will be arranged into Power leveling queue and start your leveling as soon as possible once your order is confirmed.

Power leveling Notes

Please fill in your valid WoW Classic account and Password even character name while submitting your order information making sure Power leveling started smoothly. Feel free to contact our Live Support if get any questions.

WOW Classic Powerleveling

WOW Classic is launching in the summer. On launch, there will be a huge race from level 1 to 60, which is the max level in vanilla World of Warcraft! This may sound easy if you’re thinking about the current game, but this for many players can mean months or even years’ worth of playing the game. The classic experience is actually classic – there are no shortcuts being introduced. The classic experience does mean thousands of hours of grinding, not a few days!

Power leveling is a service that many people choose to opt for. Especially if you have school, a job, or just family and friends you want to spend time with, it is far more healthy to not play the game constantly. With that said, you don’t want to fall behind your friends, or you won’t be doing the same dungeons or raids as them. You may also be thinking of leveling multiple classes, which means you have to start from scratch, level 1-60 on each of these accounts. This, by nature, is very repetitive, doing the same quests over and over again – even for the most dedicated players, can become quite the chore!

Due to this, there are people that offer WOW Classic powerleveling services. Usually, how it works is they provide you with an hourly rate or you tell them/pick which content you need completing and by when. From there, you’re offered a quote and bam! Just like that, you’ll have achieved your goals, without the insane amounts of grinding that nobody really likes.

Are these services safe?

These services are actually extremely popular, and many players use them. There’s pretty much zero chance that anybody ever gets banned from these services, as it is incredibly hard for Blizzard to prove any such conduct occurred. The sale of gold, powerleveling and accounts is frequent in WOW and will be especially popular in WOW Classic due to the nature of the game being grindy, and its extreme popularity/anticipation.

These services are also done manually, by hand, which means no botting or cheating applications/engines are used. If a provider was to use those, Blizzard would be able to detect cheaters through a technique called heuristics unless the client was developed extremely well. There are currently no cheating clients for WOW Classic that are legitimate, so everything will be done-by-hand regardless.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of players have used such services and their accounts are in perfect-order still. You can rest assured that these services have been tried and tested, and are safe to use, especially if you go with a reputable provider.

Should I use power leveling services?

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you. Would you rather do thousands of quests or spend a little bit of money? Often times, the fun part of the game is not the grinding. It’s the social aspect. Getting involved in high-level (essentially end-level) raids with your guild and your friends. Grinding professions and items/gear is often a solo-adventure, rather than one with friends. If their level is way higher than yours, they’ll be doing entirely different content.

It’s also worth noting that these services are tailored to exactly what you need and what you desire. If you enjoy grinding professions, that’s fine, they can just grind the levels for you on your account. They follow your exact specification and order, you’re the boss essentially.

WOW Classic power leveling is also designed to be affordable, not expensive. It is also designed to be done in a fast manner, not something that takes weeks. Whatever you need to be completed will be completed in a specific timeframe. These orders are handled with extreme efficiency, using the best methods available.

If you’re someone with a lack of time, these services can do more for your account in a week than you can do in years. And that’s especially relevant as it’s the vanilla experience, the grind experience. You will need to either put in the time or invest in such services because that’s how the game was designed. You can’t just buy gear/items that are unique and account-bound, only available from drops and quest-lines.


We hope this article has been informative. WOW Classic powerleveling services are certainly something to look at and keep your eyes on. Especially if you decide to make any alternative characters that use different classes, leveling once is enough! There’s really no point in repeating the exact same-old grind or suffering through it if you can avoid it, is there?