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World of Warcraft Classic has been one of the most hyped releases in the gaming market, period, of 2019. While WOW Classic is hyped like no other game, and fans highly anticipate the game, if you’ve never played it back in the day: you’ll be in for a huge surprise. The game requires thousands upon thousands of hours of pure grind. Don’t be fooled by the fact that World of Warcraft Classic has a maximum level of 60, in comparison to 120 in the current game. The game’s leveling has changed entirely, you will have to actually work hard to get to level 60. Many players played back in the day for years and didn’t reach max-level, whilst captivated with other activities and having fun. Whereas in the retail game, gaining max-level can be readily skipped and over within a matter of days. There’s no real focus on low-level or mid-level content, it’s all end-game content, unlike WoW Classic.

Is buying an account worth it?

The nature of WOW Classic is grinding. Thousands upon thousands of hours. You need plenty of gold along the way as well. World of Warcraft is also divided into classes, meaning most people will actually have multiple accounts just to play different classes which means different roles in PvM and a completely different experience. This is what makes World of Warcraft fun, the variety is endless.

Many players believe it is highly worth purchasing an account rather than manually leveling up. This allows you to skip the relatively boring, mundane and tiresome content of the game, especially if you’ve done the leveling process before or want to get right into playing with friends rather than grinding.

Realistically speaking, WOW Classic is actually designed to consume all of your time. Many players cannot put in the time commitment, and as a result, aren’t competitive with other players nor can they play with their friends at their skill-levels. You will not have a character at the same level, you won’t have the correct weapons/gear, you won’t have levelled professions (which is solely done to make gold essentially).

Even if you have gold or have friends give you items, often times, it is far from enough. You can’t skip stuff such as leveling. Gear and weapons require your character/account to be certain levels. Should you buy an account in WOW Classic, you can buy it with a character of the class of your choice already at level 60. It’s no use getting gold to buy items if you can’t equip them or participate in the same high-level raids.

Also, you should note that a lot of the times, gear and weapons are account-bound and not available on the Auction House. This means you have to manually grind and gain these items by yourself with your own drops – these drops can, unfortunately, be very rare.

Will it take the fun out of the game to buy vanilla WOW accounts?

Normally, progression in many games is the fun of it. WOW Classic takes this boundary and pushes it to a whole new level. Thousands of hours’ worth of grinding. Thus, many players find it beneficial to purchase an account with exactly what they need to play with friends, and actually complete and conquer the fun content, such as end-game raids with their friends.

You also have the liberty of choice when selecting WOW accounts. You don’t have to buy an account with a 5 million gold worth level 60 mount if you don’t want to. It’s perfectly acceptable to buy accounts that satisfy your personal needs. For example, many players simply want to farm gold, so they don’t have to worry about their progression later on, with expensive gear, professions, mounts, items and even quest-lines that require investment. In World of Warcraft, there are many professions to choose from. Certain professions go together and allow you to profit insanely high if you have two alts to swap items between, rather than have one profession and buy the required items from the Auction House. This means you can buy a maxed profession alt for max fishing, and another for max cooking, or skinning and tailoring, or perhaps herbalism and alchemy. This way, you can profit with insane margins and easily gain the gold you need.

In summary, we would highly recommend purchasing WOW Classic accounts, especially if you want to skip mundane grinding, or simply try a new class out. If you compare the number of hours of grinding required, to the price of accounts, there is great value in buying accounts.