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​W0W Classic - Why I'm aflame to akin a warrior and do professions

news Jul-22-2019

​W0W Classic - Why I'm aflame to akin a warrior and do professions

I plan to akin my warrior with alchemy/herbalism and cooking/fishing/first aid with a survivalist mentality.

Lately I've been arena a lot of accessible world/survival games. Relying on my own abilities aural the bold to survive is abundant fun for me.

Recently I completed Endure of Us (late to the bold I know) and I admired the crafting aspect and authoritative every attempt count. I played through Horizon Aught Dawn to the aforementioned aftereffect and not to acknowledgment the Far Cry games.

The accessible apple amateur were not as accustomed in the bazaar as they are today. Lately it seems you can't about-face your arch afterwards addition accessible apple or crafting bold accepting appear and that's not absolutely a bad thing.

So what does this accept to do with W0W? Able-bodied just the mentality of it all. Working against your claimed accolade so that you can accept an easier time advanced in the bold is absolutely the feel I'm digging appropriate now.

Fishing those amaranthine rivers for aliment that'll alleviate me up amid mob pulls, cheapest W0W classic gold award all those herbs and abstracts so I can accept a accumulation of potions to accord me an bend if things go sideways.

Scrapping calm bolt for my aboriginal aid bandages that can course me over if my aliment accumulation is low, its all hyping me up with anticipation.

Not accepting a alleviate button makes the bullwork for mats feel so abundant added important, like its a allegation over a ambition or desire.

Last on the annual is the switching of weapons and accustomed a shield. It's not often, but sometimes in dungeons you'll allegation to bung on your absorber and taunt the bang-up if the catchbasin dies or some added applesauce happens.

Why a warrior? Why not a rogue or a hunter? Able-bodied those classes could plan appear this artful I'm aflame for sure, but accuracy be told I collapsed a hunter and mained a rogue in vanilla, never affected a warrior until afterwards Cata.

Thanks for reading, why are you aflame to play your class?