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Apr-22-2019 Categories: news

As anyone who has played aback the absolute end of Vanilla/start of TBC I am actually acquainted that you don't in actuality "beat the game" if it comes to WoW (or any MMO for that matter). But I do tend to achieve assessable goals for myself to attain while playing.

While leveling it's usually a mix amid akin markers (30, 40, 50, etc.) and items from dungeons of buy wow classic gold (maybe the Scarlet set or some assertive weapon). I'm actually a account affectionate of guy.


I, like abounding of you, am an developed now with responsibilities (job, kid, wife, etc.) and apperceive that I can't alone accumulate a advantageous antithesis and beforehand Naxx or Rank 14; I'll be a begrimed casual.

So I anticipation about it and fabricated a account of things I could analytic achieve over the years (not that I am affirmed to get all of them).

My continued appellation goals for the bold do not absorb the admeasurement that one could possibly reach. My 5 primary "Alright, I did it!" goals for my lifespan on Classic are:

- Do every alcove in bold with my 4 IRL friends

- Max out 4 professions (1 accepting fishing, 1 accepting cooking)

- Bright aggregate through AQ20 [at least] once

- Obtain Benediction/Anathema (rolling a Priest)

- Obtain Chest, Helm, Shoulders of T2

I'd adulation to apprehend anyone else's "I exhausted the game" markers! It would be air-conditioned to apprehend your goals and expectations.